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Reclaim your time off with Dr. Mike Dow

Reclaim your time off with Dr. Mike Dow

Fab Giovanetti
  • Productivity habits to up your game
  • Eat yourself to health and happiness
  • How can brain health increase performance?

This mini-series focuses on analysing the productivity habits of top performers and high achievers, looking to debunk some of the myths about having to work harder to be successful. In this episode, Fab talks to therapist, best-selling author and brain-health expert Dr. Mike Dow.

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Dr Mike Dow is a New York Times bestselling author, brain-health expert and has been called “America’s go-to therapist.” He is trained in both psychotherapy and functional nutrition to provide his readers with an integrative and holistic approach to health and happiness. Mike has hosted several hit shows in the US like the American version of the BBC’s Freaky Eaters.