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Why rest is essential to rejuvenate your success

Why rest is essential to rejuvenate your success


Do you feel stuck in a rut, lacking energy and motivation? After the first set of tips (read them here) Jacyln is back to share more. Find out how to rest to success starting today.

No more “having a case of the Mondays.”

Life is full of ups and downs, but it doesn’t mean you have to swing with the same intensity as a pendulum with your mood. You have a purpose, and part of your purpose is to live without inducing the plentiful amount of stress, anxiety, or depression. I have lived with anxiety my entire life, but a couple of years ago I realized how my demeanour is calmer and my focus is much clearer when I get my allotted 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Generally, it’s how you choose to respond to events and situations over time that pan out into the physical realm. You get what you focus on, and lack of sleep makes it much harder to beneficially focus on your career, your relationships with others, and your life’s desires. Furthermore, the lack of the zzzz’s will affect multiple regions of your brain and can lead to increased anger.

When well-rested, everything around you is approached with a more positive light: your relationships easily improve, your job productivity easily progresses, you’re more creative, and with more creativity, it’s easier to take soul-inspired actions for your desires to emerge at a faster rate.

The Universe is a powerful force of energy, and it’s always giving to you through your body’s energy particles that make up who you are. A thought produces a vibration, a feeling produces a stronger vibration, and action produces an even stronger vibration of energy.

Carpe Diem!!

So “carpe diem” everything you crave, both in your career and in your life, by making sure your brain has enough energy to do so each day. You want to experience positive and happy events, yeah? The Universe definitely gives you more of the same via your overall daily mood. If you have an “off” day, just be gentle with yourself and move on from it. Particles of energy are constantly vibrating and bouncing around in the Universe, so bounce them to your advantage using the compound effect of more sleep. “Bedtime” is “manifest time”. You’re so much more powerful than you realize, magic happens between the sheets, in more ways than one!

Profitable financial flow

Do you know that when you get more rest your brain not only functions better, but you’re able to make decisions that are more empowering for your soul’s financial path? When I’m overwhelmed due to lack of sleep, my brain’s defence mechanism is to “shut down” so I can reserve enough energy to make it through my day. I make more errors in my work, I’m slower to react with the information I receive, and I’m prone to make rash judgments.

According to Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader’s “Time Use and Productivity: The Wage Returns to Sleep,”, “A one-hour increase in average weekly sleep increases wages by 1.5% in the short run and by 4.9% in the long run.” When I get enough nightly sleep, my brain is more relaxed, I make better decisions for myself financially, and my income actually increases because I’m able to use the brain’s filtering system in a sharper way.

Money doesn’t come from people, it comes from the Universe.

And energy is a give-give relationship, it is always giving back to you via how you set your intentions with your mindset and your own body’s energy levels. There is only about 8% of cash-money in existence. When the government runs out of cash, they print more of it. This means 92% of “money” consists of numerical figures on computer screens. It’s math. Money is merely energy of numbers. When properly rested, your brain is able to filter and process the necessary information for your financial success because you have more energy during the day TO process in a clearer way.

Everyone wants to be richer, so instead of relying on your boss at work to give you a raise, rely on your comfy mattress to fill your energy levels so you can set your financial intentions in a clearer, more empowering way. You’ll be more relaxed and receptive while receiving the money you desire in the Universe. The ATM machine is YOU. You’ll notice as you sleep more you’ll start to realize money is coming to you through several streams, it’s a win-win manifestation!

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Take time to reflect and rest to success…

Now that you have considered beneficial aspects to more sleep, I want you to take your awareness survey again. For the next 5-7 minutes I encourage you to evaluate your answers to the following set of questions below:

  • Am I now going to be more mindful about the amount of rest I obtain each night? Why or why not?
  • How am I choosing to approach my career and my life now that I’m giving myself the proper amount of sleep each night?
  • How many hours of sleep, per night, am I now allowing for myself in order to meet my career and life goals?

Let’s take it a step further and give yourself permission for your own success in your career and in your life to emerge with ease! Finish these following sentences:

  • I now fully commit to sleeping __ hours each night because it allows me to…(finish this sentence 3 times with your top 3 aspirations for your yourself)
  • With regards to my career, I now fully commit to feeling…(finish this sentence 5 times)
  • I fully commit to feeling this way because it allows me to be/do…(finish this sentence at least 3 times with your career’s aspirations)
  • With regards to my life, I now fully commit to feeling…(finish this sentence 5 times)
  • I fully commit to feeling this way because it allows me to be/do…(finish this sentence at least 3 times with your life’s desires)

Time to celebrate!

What have you now realized about yourself, your career, and your life now that you have a game-plan in place for getting more rest each night? When you are finished with supper each night, I want you to close your eyes and practice stating to yourself:

I am going to bed at ___ time because I am committed to being/doing…for myself. I have a purpose and more rest allows me to be more productive for my career and my life. I AM successful.

Great job! Make your new motto “Rest to success” because when you get the proper amount of sleep for yourself each night, you’ll find that success in all areas of your life emerge for you with ease- and quickly. It’s not a singular thought, emotion, or action that creates your reality; it’s the overall energy exchange because everything, including the energy that is you, relates to one another. By using the compound effect, you’ll realize just how much your career and your life can change in your favour with rapid speed.

So, why not go to the health spa that is your bed and get a few more “zzz’s” each night? It’s free! There is no cover charge or monthly membership for this. Certainly, a cancellation fee is not in question. There isn’t a single doctor’s bill or any insurance coverage needed for this type of spa. And you don’t have to tip the masseuse or fitness trainer when done for the night. I don’t know about you, but this is a pretty sweet complimentary club to join in order to receive all your desires with ease.

Photo credit: Paxton Maroney