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Rest to rejuvenate your success

Rest to rejuvenate your success


Do you feel like you need a little break from life? Do you need some tips on how to rest in order to rejuvenate? Help is at hand. Read on for some inspiring tricks to re-motivate your day-to-day and to help you thrive.

Jaclyn Johnston is a best-selling author of “Don’t Feel Stuck!” and “Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!”, creator of Manifest It!, a mental health advocate, and assistant to world-renowned physicists at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her focus is on teaching others how to transform their beliefs, build their self-esteem, and take soul-inspired actions in order to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster! She teaches proven Law of Attraction methods paired with cognitive behavioral training through her books and online mentoring programs.

Not enough time in the day

Some of us feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough time to get everything done in our lives and our careers. So we tend to stay up an hour later one or two nights each week to help us accomplish our tasks. You notice you get more things crossed off your list this way, so in the short-run, it’s a successful activity. However, in the long-run, it takes a toll on your mindset, your body, your relationships with friends and loved ones, and even your aspirations you are trading waking hours with for achievement.

Your brain is a 24/7 filtering system. But in order for your brain to process inferred information in an empowering way, getting the proper amount of rest each night is necessary. Furthermore, according to Suyin Haynes with, gathered data from a study by RAND Europe and states, “lack of sleep costs the U.S. about $411 billion in lost productivity (per year).” And this is just in the United States alone. It’s quite an expensive health bill when you think of all the annual doctor’s visits and caffeine consumed in order to increase energy for each of us around the world.

Most people tend to sleep between 6-9 hours per night, depending on their age range. But is 6 hours really enough at any age?

Whenever I sleep less than 7 hours per night I often feel sick to my stomach or I fight a headache throughout the day because my body NEEDS at least 7 hours. Despite my “snooze over” (sleep hangover), I am actually quite grateful my body reacts this way because it ensures me to stay mindful about my resting periods each night.

Each person is a little different from the amount of sleep they need in order to feel at their optimum level each day. Most people seem to thrive more with 7-9 hours each night. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of what your body needs so that you can create and conquer your career and life goals happily with ease. How to rejuvenate your sleeping?

Have you heard of clean sleeping? Read about the benefits it can bring.

Take a moment to think about your habitual behaviours…

For the next 3-5 minutes I encourage you to either write out or type out your answers to the following questions:

  • Am I mindful enough about the amount of rest I obtain each night? Why or why not?
  • How would I generally feel about my career and my life if I allowed myself the proper amount of sleep each night?
  • And why aren’t I giving myself permission to feel this way NOW? Today?

These are great journaling prompts to explore for a few minutes. You might be surprised at what comes up for you during your personal mindset survey.

Being aware of your daily habitual behaviours can either “make or break” your success in all areas of your life. Making a commitment to daily rest is essential not only to your success but also to your happiness synchronously. It will help to rejuvenate your energy.  People sometimes call me “The Queen of Manifesting”, but I’m also “The Queen of Naps”, which in turn makes me “The Queen of Manifesting” because all energy in our Universe is a give-give relationship.

Bringing it back to science

Albert Einstein even tells us how energy operates because “energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” In other words, nothing is taken away, there is only an exchange of energy with everything in life because everything is, well, energy. I cannot be a master of anything if I don’t have enough energy, myself. And neither can you, but I have a secret to tell you that will help you receive all your desires, including your career goals, your love-life dreams, and everything else in between.

Are you ready for it? It has to do with sleep, the Universe’s energy, our own energy, and our lives. Here are 2 areas people want to improve in life and why these areas all relate to the importance of rest:

Buoyancy with your body weight

Most of us want to lose a few pounds, I’m in the same boat about this. My weight fluctuates mainly because I tend to sleep less and eat more when I’m feeling stressed and tired. Also, my immune system declines during sleepless nights. Our bodies are made up of elemental particle energy, the same energy that is all around you via trees, clouds, and even your favourite pair of shoes. You ARE energy.

You’re made up of about 60% of H2O molecules, and this is why it’s crucial to make sure you get enough rest each night for your body to effectively have enough energy-reserve to flush out toxins from what you’re eating and drinking each day. If you don’t get enough sleep your body weight will increase because it’s trying to store what little energy it has left to be able to function. In addition, sleep can help you to control hunger. According to Cynthia Ramnarace on, “If you’re not sleeping well at night, you may be causing hormonal imbalances that could be making you feel hungry when you don’t really need to eat.”

Listen, I’m guilty of the late-night snacks sometimes, too. So, I try to snack on healthier options using a hand-full amount so that I don’t sabotage my weight goals. Your body is shapely, it’s not in the shape of acute angles. Your flexible physique changes because of your energy make-up, so look at your bed as a calorie-burning machine equipped with soft pillows and blankets.

Rejuvenate overnight: your certified anti-aging supplement

People call it “beauty sleep” for a reason. You tend to look sexier because you’re refreshed with more energy and your body’s water balance is at its optimum level. Again, the percentage of water that makes up your body is fluid energy, your skin cells are constantly reshaping and replenishing themselves. When you get enough sleep your skin is healthier, your eyes look brighter and less bloodshot and puffy, and they aren’t so dried out because of your replenished energy and water levels. Side note: nobody looks sexy with eye spasms, but it can happen when you don’t get enough nightly rest.

The proper amount of sleep your body craves will also have you feeling less stressed out overall.

Less stress = livelier energy and livelier energy is associated with youth. So many people pay thousands of dollars every year to “look” younger. Botox this, facelift that…just crawl under the covers for 7-9 hours per night and you’ll look more refreshed and feel better at the same time.

When you feel better the Universe will reflect the same back to you by sending you more things to feel good about because this is how energy operates. What you put out there comes back to you, it’s basically the exchange of karma. I’m 36, but people tell me I look like I’m in my 20’s all the time! I have sleep to partially thank for my youthful-looking skin. Hasta luego, wrinkles! Sleep really is key to rejuvenate your life!

Watch out for the second instalment of Rest to rejuvenate your success with more tips. Including how to beat those Monday blues and we discuss how to rejuvenate your finances.


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