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How to repurpose content to maximise exposure

How to repurpose content to maximise exposure

Fab Giovanetti

If creating content is an art, learning how to repurpose content is whole craftsmanship.  For some of us, a single piece of content feels like a whole lot of work. The idea of having to turn that one piece of content into many more can feel, at times, daunting. 

Don’t you worry – this is where Fab comes to the rescue. 

We use this smoking hot process to turn one content into thirty (or more) pieces of content, and we thought it’d be about time we shared it with you.

Misconceptions about repurposing content

We believe repurposing is only suitable for written content. 

Yet, some people cannot get themselves to write. So many of our Creative Impact collective members do not enjoy writing and often ask me:

Do I really have to create written content?

I respect that – I used to find it impossible as a writer, but not everyone is an endless writing machine like me. The answer is slightly nuanced. You can focus on audio and video content and use tools to help you turn that into written snippets. 

Some people are incredibly comfortable in front of a camera, so probably vlogging once a week is your calling. Others love exploring content through the medium of podcasts.

The truth is that pretty much every type of content can be repurposed if you can be open enough to explore that.

Repurpose your takeaways

When we write a post, we tend to have sub-paragraphs (or, in the case of Instagram, points), and I take the main learnings of the article and save them into a spreadsheet for later. These can be re-worked in a variety of ways.

  • You can use them as extra weekly tips in your newsletter
  • Repurpose them social media graphics
  • You can share them as Tweets
  • Write a roundup of lessons on Linkedin

Having a spreadsheet or document with each tip and the reference to the original article means you can always link back to your website if appropriate. 

If you want to be more sophisticated, you can do the same for podcasts and videos, but this will require you to look through transcriptions. Moreover, I would recommend finding an excellent external tool (check our toolkit for suggestions) to help you turn podcasts and videos into written pieces.

You can use the takeaway as social promotion via social, and you have ten more pieces of content – it’s content galore! 

 How to revive old content with a new format

You can even use your original content to inspire a new piece and use a different format.  I am pretty big on tangents. If you know me personally, it won’t come as a surprise. Use tangents to inspire you to turn an article into a series of videos or a podcast into a short Instagram live. 

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Even better, use the points covered in your videos to create two more posts on the subject. The possibilities are endless. 

The most important thing to make content unique is to take a different spin: we may ask a question about the topic or give a new example. If it’s a recipe, make sure you focus on other features of the ingredients. You can easily link to the original recipe.

Stagger out your content

As I mentioned before, we use scheduling tools to share articles on Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page (or groups, if this is how you swing), Pinterest and LinkedIn. You can choose the tools you are already familiar with or check some of our favourites. 

The best suggestion here is to stagger your content. Usually, we like to follow a recurring schedule, share it on the day the post is published, and repeat it one day later, one week later and one month later.

In conclusion, repurposing content is a great way to maximise exposure for your brand. By recycling old content in new and exciting ways, you can reach a wider audience. As a result, you keep them engaged with your brand. Remember to be creative and to use a variety of different media formats to keep your audience engaged.

Looking for more help with your social and content strategy? Check out Creative Impact’s social media marketing bible where you can learn how to harness the power of social media and content.

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