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Three Simple Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Intake

Three Simple Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Intake

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Let’s talk about plastic. It’s almost impossible to avoid it but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps to reduce our plastic use.

Why? The impact of plastic pollution is detrimental to our environment in so many ways. It has been predicted that in just two decades plastic pollution will weigh around 1.3 billion tonnes. Seems a lot right, well it is!

One huge impact plastic has is on our planet. On land the chemicals leach into the soil contaminating the groundwater deep within the earth’s systems. In the ocean, plastics are not able to degrade, breaking up into smaller fragments confused as food to marine animals, this is damaging their habitat and ecosystems.

Another impact you might not have associated with plastics is the effect it has on us, humans. With our food supply becoming contaminated so are we. Microplastics are increasingly in our water systems ending up in our bodies.

So, if you’re reading this article right now and are as shocked as I am, let’s spread the word, let’s get to work and actually do something about this!

3 ways to reduce your plastic intake

1. Choose brands that fight to eliminate plastic

One way to reduce your intake is to do your research, look into companies that actually care about our environment and the future. Nereus has partnered up with Plastic Bank, with every bottle purchased 1kg of ocean-bound plastic will be recovered via Plastic Bank. They have also eliminated an incredible 98% of plastic use in their supply chain.


2. Opt for infinitely recyclable products

The haircare and beauty industry are built on single-use plastics. Take a look at your bathroom, how many products do you end up throwing away after a few weeks? Plastic toothbrushes, razors or bottles to name a few! All of these end up in landfill only aiding our plastic pollution problems. Nereus uses aluminium bottles for all their products which are infinitely recyclable, they have completely disrupted the beauty care market to provide a much more sustainable plastic free option to consumers.

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3. Biodegradable for the win!

Being biodegradable means natural materials are used, Nereus’ labels are made with wood pulp which makes them biodegradable allowing them to be broken down without harming our environment. Not only is the packaging natural but the ingredients have been specially selected for their natural fragrance, giving you the luxury both on the inside and out!

Are you ready to join Nereus taking the luxury beauty industry by storm? Help them to make the world a better place. Want to be part of a sustainable circular economy but not sure where to begin, well looks like you’re covered! Nereus worries about the environment, so you don’t have to, their luxury beauty products are a step forward in the right direction. Come and join Nereus on their journey to be plastic free!

Find out more about Nereus London and their mission to create quality, luxury and sustainable products on our previous article.