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Recommended edit: Top 5 brands at the Oxford Free From Festival

Recommended edit: Top 5 brands at the Oxford Free From Festival


Spring is coming, and with its plenty of events, markets and food festivals. Whilst offering plenty of culinary choice to most, such events often do not cater to the dietary needs of people with food intolerances following a specific diet. Free From Festival wants to address this issue and will offer a chance to enjoy a food festival where intolerant visitors can sample delicious products ‘free from’ gluten, dairy and refined sugar and purchase gifts for loved ones.

This year, Free From Events will be holding their Oxford edition of their Food Fair at The King’s Centre, 10 minutes walk from Oxford Railway Station – on the 4th of April, Saturday from 11.00am until 5.00 pm . Here are a few highlights of what’s to come…

Hunter & Gather

Hunter & Gather is a Health & Wellness brand, who have a range of innovative products that are always free from sugar, grains and inflammatory oils. With Optimal Health in mind, their range of avocado oil mayos, oils and supplements are favourites among Keto, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and low carb communities. Using only real, quality ingredients they are also challenging the norm and championing sustainability with plastic-free packaging and utilising wonky avocados.

Visit their website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram for more.

Lovegrass Ethiopia

A native of Ethiopia, Teff is the smallest and possibly the most ancient of all grains. A nutritional powerhouse, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and prebiotics (which your gut will love). Lovegrass is on a mission to share the benefits and the uniqueness of Ethiopian Teff with the world and in so doing, open a fair market and tell the story of the traditional farmer. Their award-winning range of Teff based products includes grains, flours, Pancake & Waffle Mix, Teff Fusilli and Crispy Teff Flakes.

Visit their website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram for more.

“We believe everyone deserves a Food Festival, which caters for all dietary needs. Our event is a great opportunity to stock up on great, tasty ‘free from’ products ​or to purchase gifts for loved ones who have certain intolerances.” Says Margarita Kalna, founder of Free From Events.

Heavenly Free From


Heavenly Free From believes that ‘Free From Food Should Never Be Tasteless’. The founder, Shari-Leone, had been in the catering industry for over 15 years and, along with her own food intolerances, decided it was finally time to launch a food business of her own – free from gluten, wheat, oats, dairy, egg and soy. Started in 2019 Heavenly grew quickly but steadily, attending over 30 events in their first 9 months. From bakes and raw treats to savoury items and hot food – a stall not to be missed.

Visit their website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram for more.

Green Sisters

Founders, Geeta and Reena, took on the challenge of inventing the best possible flavour combinations and gluten-free plant-based products, after personally experiencing the constraints of a free from lifestyle. After seeing a lack of tasty, nutritional products in this space, the sisters decided to launch their range of delicious, nutritious and flavourful products, inspired by both their Indian heritage and British upbringing. Their products range from Samosas to Bhajis, Chutneys and Curries.

Visit their website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram for more.


Product/brand description: Enjoy!’s chocolate is made from just a handful of natural, organic, pure ingredients and tastes amazing. Everything is vegan and free from dairy, soya and gluten. Instead of refined sugar, they use coconut sugar. Their dark chocolate range includes: solid bars in 35g and 70g sizes in various flavours, hot chocolate powder and chocolate fudge. However, Enjoy!’s best-sellers are their caramel-filled products, which include: giant chocolate buttons, filled bars and gift boxes of filled chocolates.

Visit their website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram for more.

Join Free From Festival and try all these amazing products at their Oxford #FreeFromFestival on Saturday, the 4th of April at The King’s Centre! For more info & tickets visit their website or visit them on social media: Instagram Facebook Twitter.

Event Sponsored by Daura Damm – The world’s most Award-Winning Gluten-Free beer!

p.s. if you are looking for more free-from inspiration, take a look at our interviews with vegan chefs, Niki aka Rebel Recipes and Bettina from Bettina’s Kitchen.

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