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Reclaim your time off with Hannah Wallace

Reclaim your time off with Hannah Wallace

Fab Giovanetti
  • Learn the productivity routines of top performers
  • Change your habits to become a high achiever
  • How to work smarter not harder

Welcome to reclaim your time off, the series that dissects the top routines from high achievers and performers. This mini-series focuses on analysing the productivity habits of top performers and high achievers, looking to debunk some of the myths about having to work harder to be successful. In this episode, Fab talks to spiritual activist and podcaster Hannah Wallace.

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Hannah Wallace is a spiritual writer, podcaster, mentor and creative who champions female empowerment and spiritual activism. As someone living with a disability and a wheelchair user, She’s passionate about breaking down barriers around the topic and bringing awareness through her content. Her podcast, Finding Grace, is a collection of conversations and stories from myself and others. In each episode, we share our journeys of finding grace in the world we live in today.


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