Use Twitter Meaningfully Next 30 Days


Learn about the Twitter success framework that Kevon Cheung uses to help people early in their journey get started. Access a library of ways to tell your stories genuinely and interact with others meaningfully on Twitter.

  • A Notion template
  • 30 #BuildInPublic writing prompts
  • 20 Twitter Audience Building tactics
  • Each prompt and tactic comes with real-life tweet examples
  • 2 Kanban boards to help you take action


As the author of the Building in Public Definitive Guide and the creator of Build in Public Mastery, Kevon Cheung helped 8,000+ entrepreneurs kick start their authentic and transparent journey. Want to share your stories and build in public on Twitter but not sure where to start?

Most entrepreneurs do not know what to tweet about and how to engage with people on Twitter to build a strong presence. Follow this framework to help you build consistency with ease.