Find Joy in Chaos


In Find Joy in Chaos, Kevon Cheug will take you through an honest and actionable journey to designing and growing your Twitter presence. Here are some of the things you’ll work on:

  • You don’t need a “huge” audience on Twitter
  • Unfold who you are and create a guideline to show up and express yourself
  • Take out the jargon and craft an inviting profile so people want to talk to you
  • 5 ways you can find and connect with like-minded people on Twitter
  • How to stop tweeting wisdom bombs into the void and start getting heard


Learn how building online relationships is not hard on Twitter when following 4 simple steps. Author of the Building in Public Definitive Guide and the creator of Build in Public Mastery, Kevon Cheung will show you that enjoy Twitter and play the long game. Once you understand that success on Twitter actually comes from figuring out your own plan, you’ll be one of the people who use Twitter to get your wins.