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Free Pricing Guide for Freelancers

Grab the behind-the- scenes guide that shows the exact 2023 pricing secrets of top freelance writers and content strategists.

Access a question bank for post-purchases

Find dozens of post-purchase survey questions that will help you get to know your buyers better.

How to create content at scale

This tool surpasses AI detection letting you create 100 posts that are 2,600+ words each, from just 100 keywords

Podcast marketing audit

Answer 20 short, multiple choice questions and get a personalized assessment of your current marketing strategy

Free 2023 Awareness Days Calendar

Generate content ideas by tapping into awareness days. Get instant access to over 160 wellness campaign dates, absolutely free.

Launch your course in 30 days

For the first time ever, anyone on a free plan can join the challenge and learn how to launch a course in 30 days—take the first step and register by February 28.

Create previews of your posts in one click

A tool that allows you to create beautiful images for your Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

This is your real social media job title

You’re a social media… manager? analyst? copywriter? All of the above? Or none? You don’t know. But this quiz can help.

Access a bundle of 2023 content calendars

When you download this bundle of templates from Planoly, you’ll get a whole year’s worth of content calendars, mobile wallpapers, and monthly holiday lists.

Vision Board to Action Plan

A personalised free quiz to take you from vision to action. You’ll leave with an editable workbook with an action plan!

The Feminist Encyclopedia

Read up on the gender dimension of a topic of your interest. Or explore how the world is gendered in A-Z order.

The key social media trends that shaped 2022

Check the ’22 Social Media Recap — a report containing no less than 53 stats, social media trends, and insights collected from experts. 

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