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Opportunities for marketing rebels

Confidence Live in London

Imagine an immersive all day event where you felt fully at home, totally welcome and completely free to be yourself. Imagine no more.

Free event to help your marketing flow

Work Your Flow 2022 is a free marketing automation bootcamp brought to you by 10 digital marketing experts

Productivity summit for non-profit leaders

Take your nonprofit leadership to greater heights through the free Nonprofit Productivity Summit

From unfollower to biggest fan

Effi Mai will show you a simple step-by-step process to find people on social media, get them on your mailing list, and get them

How to overcome fear of marketing

​In this session, Lynda Sunshine West will walk you through the 7 simple steps she used to break through one fear every day for

Changemakers Hackaton

Bringing together tech’s smartest minds to help nonprofits with their operational challenges

Join the UK business festival

Idea Fest is the UK festival for all disruptors, creatives, change-makers, decision-makers and the curious

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