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How this personal trainer makes time for reflection each week

How this personal trainer makes time for reflection each week

Kanndiss Riley

NBE Notorious Big Energy aka Kanndiss Riley, a dancer, wellbeing business owner and inclusion speaker. I got the name from my colleagues and friends to describe my larger and life persona over the years.

I’ve always been a bouncy, high energy person. Since I was three years old, I’ve been creating routines in my bedroom, learning dance routines at dance schools and by the age of 20, I started bringing the world into dance movement practice. During the first lockdown, I started running live sessions from my bedroom and garden streaming on Instagram and Zoom. I learnt so much from running my sessions, meeting people from all over the world and seeing what people enjoyed. 

Before lockdown, I’d qualified as PT and got several qualifications across wellbeing CIPD’s to be able to work with a range of clients.

I enjoyed running sessions around doing my full-time job as IT and Project manager, through my full-time job about software to keep sessions inclusive and provide cost-effective captions. That knowledge helped me when running online sessions via different platforms from Teams, Vimeo, and Twitch.

I can be whatever I put my mind to.

I made our platform accessible and inclusive so that people with different lives and experiences could inductively state that NBE FITNESS is an enjoyable place. To have the impact, I knew there were a lot of variables to think about.

We ensured we could adapt and show our inclusive processes to attract people to our platform. NBE FITNESS feels although everyone wants to make an impact, and to some extent, everyone makes an impact, either good or bad. For our audience, it was important that our community felt a positive effect. In fact, we acknowledged they experienced many negative impacts outside of our space.

Behind the content of NBE Fitness

Our audience includes many people across the unique population that interweave protected characteristics, making them amazing to work with, building content that meets our users’ needs. Make sure they laugh, sweat and have a good giggle.

We know our content is informing and educating. When people come to our sessions, it is inspiring because people come together to see each other moving, learning new things about a range of people’s lived experiences. Starting our sessions, people learned how much can be done in a chair—for example, dancing, yoga and fitness. Many participants realise that workouts are fun adapted and include moving their bodies at their own pace.

Making time for reflection weekly

I make sure to add stop working slots to my calendar. Sometimes, with a neuro-diverse brain, I can end up hyper-focusing on a task and forget to come up for air.

Even though it’s excellent to love what you are doing and focus, reducing task guilt is crucial. I use my stop working breaks to help me take some time away from work, and when I return from my break, I reset the day’s schedule of what I can get done and set a mantra towards the end of the day.

I was great at [the thing], I achieved [what you achieved], and I will be grand at doing [add the thing] tomorrow. 

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Instagram accounts to follow

 I have so many I will break the rules and pick two! I enjoy the @wapbrunch page because of the motivational posts and the fact it makes me smile/feel inspired for the day no matter the time that I see a post from their page appear on my feed.

My second favourite Instagram account because of the story and content is I always feel informed and learn something new. I think stories sometimes get underrated as a part of Instagram. Followers can regularly immerse themselves in the person’s thoughts. 

Favourite tools

I love using Mojo; it is a correct video and graphic application to create intricate or simple (powerful) designs for various platforms. Even when I am inevitably moving to Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud software, I’ve started the initial prototyping of the video or reel/TikTok design on Mojo. I can develop a couple of design ideas, share them with a team, clients or post on social media from my phone and feel content in what I’ve created.

I am delighted to say my mission is to feel energised.

When I decided to call my business NBE FITNESS – Notorious Big Energy Fitness, I knew that my content would match beautifully. People past and present say I have a warm attraction, soft tone/ exterior, and a strong ability to make people feel energised.