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The rise of workleisure and bleisure

The rise of workleisure and bleisure


Do you ‘work hard, play hard’? Do you travel for business? Do you simply want to know what “workleisure” and “bleisure” actually mean?

This article explores how some of us blur the lines between business and leisure (“bleisure”) and the latest fashion trend towards wear-all-day, business casual athleisure (“workleisure”).

If you want tips on mixing work and fun, or need to learn more about clothes you can wear from the meeting room to living room, then read on…


We live in a global and time-pressed world. Business trips, both domestically and abroad, are common place. It is not surprising that we now cram in play alongside work when the opportunity arises.

37% of respondents in a survey by the Global Business Travel Association took a so-called “bleisure” trip over the past year (in 2016 the same report showed 36% of US based travelers had added leisure to one or more work trips). Millennials were the most likely to extend a business trip for leisure (48%, vs. 33% of those age 36 to 54 and 23% of baby boomers).

So, how exactly can you turn your next work trip into leisure break?

Simple. When your next business trip comes in, explore all options. Be open and transparent with your team and manager if needed, but be very clear – “bleisure is now business as usual. If they’re not bought in they are behind the times.


So we’ve heard of “Athleisure” – the trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings (e.g. at the workplace).

But what is “Workleisure”?

Think of it as workout-wear that won’t get you in trouble with HR; Athleisure with some added workplace chic.

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Why should I care?

Next time you are sent away on business, tag a few extra days  onto your return ticket and get exploring.

Wearing work and leisure fashion will soon be the norm. If you are not ready for this trend you will soon find yourself behind the curve.

Get ahead!



If you could do with some support we can try and help. Get in touch with the author – Chris Pinner.

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