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The Miracle Morning routine for successful entrepreneurs

The Miracle Morning routine for successful entrepreneurs

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In my quest for the perfect entrepreneurial lifestyle, I have read numerous books on the entrepreneur’s health, and I have found things that have helped me cope. One of the most important factors of successful entrepreneurs is having a morning routine, and I found out that the Miracle Morning routine by Hal Elrod can be adapted to suit your entrepreneurial business and life

I’ve been a morning person all my life. I credit this to my dad, as he was also a morning person. As a child, I never could quite understand why every time I went downstairs, despite no matter how early, my dad would always be up and around. Mornings work for me, especially about 4am. It’s funny because even my son was even born at 4am!

Embracing my miracle morning

4am has been my golden time throughout my life because, at that time, I have this sort of natural body clock that springs into action. I am the most creative person I can ever be. It’s peaceful and quiet at 4am – no one is around. You’re there, the internet is great because no one is on it, you don’t receive many emails at 4am or phone calls at 4am, and you’ve got no staff disturbing you. Between 4am and 7am, I can get the most work done.

I basically run my business in those three hours of the day. I was delighted when I came across a book devoted to mornings called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

The Miracle Morning shows how a morning routine built around six critical practices known as “Life S.A.V.E.R.S.” – silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing – can help you get more done and live your best life.

I have adapted the Miracle Morning to suit my circumstances, and routines help me cope with a busy entrepreneur lifestyle. If you incorporate the following into your day, it does really help reduce stress.

Meditation (or Silence)

I have found meditating for just 10 minutes every day to be critical for survival (I recommend using the 10 Minute Mind® programme by Monique Rhodes). In fact, I am a lot calmer and more thoughtful in my actions. I need to make time and prioritise deep breathing and yoga. I’ve also recently discovered Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (T.R.E.), which I find really helpful for reducing tension and stress. I have trained myself to view meditation and relaxation as crucial as work and ensure that I have at least one hour a day to focus on these areas.


You should know where you are heading – I change my vision board every year and constantly review my progress against it. I love going to fortune tellers, tarot readers, and anyone who will predict my future; I regularly use Angel Cards and am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction.

Journaling (or Scribing)

I try to maintain a gratitude journal of three things I’m grateful for every day. If you are the beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure, I will urge you to purchase a lovely business journal to document your journey for when you write your future book! One of my favourite journals is The Choose Your Attitude Journal by Debra Searle.


Reading is my favourite pastime – I will never go anywhere without a book, and I take several on holiday. Just reading 10 pages of a personal development book is hugely beneficial.


A daily walk with my dogs is now seen as essential in my life. Walking in nature helps with stress and wellbeing.

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I’ll be honest I’m not a great user of affirmations, but I do like statements like Mel Robbins High Five method and just championing yourself every day.

 You don’t need to dedicate ages to your morning routine; you can do a morning routine in as little as 15-20 minutes a day. The most important thing is consistency.

A word about sleep – I’m lucky that I can survive effectively on very little sleep. I bounce back all the time and have limitless energy and enthusiasm. However, I love a siesta and will often take a 20-minute power nap at least once a day.

I believe over time, everyone can adjust their lifestyle and sleep habits to incorporate some sort of morning routine into their lives and to start to reap the benefits. 

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