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How to find your breath with Melike Hussein

How to find your breath with Melike Hussein

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Melike Hussein is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Conscious Breathing Coach and the Founder of BreathZone. She combines her holistic health expertise with her medical background as a Qualified Nurse to help as many people as she can through her work.

Melike’s holistic health journey started following 15 years of a successful career as Finance Director. When a stress-induced burnout left her temporarily paralysed, unable to speak or move, her curiosity into the field got ignited.

Astounded by the complete transformation in her body and mind within a short space of time, thanks to Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices, Melike was inspired to leave her finance career behind and train in these natural modalities, with a view to both restore her health and share them with others.

She is passionate about empowering her clients with medically safe, science-backed and practical stress reduction and relaxation toolkits, fit in with their daily lives and work environments.

Widely featured in broadsheets, publications and magazines, Melike works with private clients, institutions, businesses and corporations in a wide range of sectors from finance, education and consulting to wellbeing.

Could you share with us who you are and what is your mission?

I am a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Conscious Breathing Coach and a Qualified Nurse. I am also the founder of BreathZone – a holistic health company delivering bespoke services to individuals, businesses and corporates.

I am passionate about empowering my clients with medically safe, science-backed and a practical toolkit, fit in with their daily lives and work environments.


I work with my clients in a range of subjects pertinent to our modern life and careers such as Stress and Anxiety management; Building Resilience; Preventing Burnout; Tackling Sleep-related issues and Sleeping well; train Attention and Focus for efficiency and performance.

What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to your field?

That Breathwork is only suitable when they are faced with a specific issue such as chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and it is sufficient to practice a handful of techniques to address these.

Teaching my clients how to ‘Breathe Correctly’ is an important focus of my work and it is a ‘must-learn’ for everyone, even healthy individuals. Therefore, as practitioners, we should all teach this to our clients.
Because if we breathe in unhealthy or dysfunctional patterns such as shallow breathing, breath holding, chest breathing, not only we activate ‘fight or flight’ mode of the nervous system, but also deprive the body from optimum intake of precious oxygen and cleanse of metabolic waste products.

How can people feel more confident about improving in your field of expertise?


I advise continuous training and learning, which is super important, especially in Breathwork where we have a whole spectrum of breathing practices and techniques. In my view, every individual is unique (background, breathing patterns, needs). Therefore, I serve my clients with bespoke tools that best suit them drawing on my extensive training. So, Breathwork practitioners, please keep training in as many Breathwork disciplines as possible and expand your skill-set. This is also critical for you too. After all, we, the practitioners, are on our own breathwork journey of discovery and growth too.

What is your favourite thing about being part of Creative Impact?


Definitely the vast range of information and resources provided to smaller businesses. Whether you are looking to launch your business or part of a small team in a journey of scaling up your company, there are resources you can benefit from, from wonderfully crafted informative articles, to podcasts, to training and events. There is absolutely something for everyone. This level of support is truly priceless!

Melike’s three top tips:

  1. Find a mentor: as practitioners, we are constantly learning and growing our own practice too. Find an experienced mentor you can freely ask questions, share your experiences and seek support. This is such a critical component of self-growth in our field.
  2. Self-practice: provide guidance and practical resources to support your client’s self-practice, such as practice videos, audios and written information. This is critical for clients to embed their learning and integrate these into their daily lives.
  3. Listen to your intuition: even when we have extensive coaching to understand our clients, during the session we may discover new things coming up. Trust and, more importantly, give permission to yourself to explore these. Your clients will sense your confidence and respond positively.


Get in touch with Melike Hussein

In both of her area of expertise, Melike offers one to one sessions to her private clients, bespoke training events to her corporate clients as well as public workshops and courses.

Melike Hussein works with her clients across a range of subjects including:
· Stress and anxiety management and reduction strategies
· Building resilience to flourish through change
· Burnout prevention and career longevity
· Sleeping well through deep relaxation
· Combating brain fog and mental fatigue
· Boost physical energy and performance
· Training attention and focus for higher performance
· Neuro-science based smart working practices to boost your efficiency

You can find out more about Melike Hussein on her Instagram page, her Facebook and on LinkedIn.

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