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Why niching down matter with Fab Giovanetti

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In the final episode of this series, Fab Giovanetti shares one marketing lesson she has learned from what has not worked out in her journey

In the final episode of this bonus series, our very own Fab Giovanetti shares one marketing lesson she has learned from what has not quite worked out for her in her journey.

As a marketer, you must understand your audience. After all, how can you create compelling messaging if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach?

However, many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone, which we experience at Alt Marketing School with our certification. While it’s essential to have a broad understanding of your target market, refining your primary audience is even more critical.

By refining your target audience, you can create marketing materials that are more relevant and more likely to resonate with your target customer. As a result, you’ll be able to generate more leads and convert more sales.

So if you’re not already focusing on refining your target audience, it’s time to start. Doing so will help you take your offers and messaging to the next level.

“Get clear on who your primary audience is and who is you’re offering for and do that for every single offering you have.”

Fab Giovanetti

Finally, we also uncover why nothing is really new, not even in marketing, or why if you have something that works, you do not need to jump on new trends and systems. 

It’s okay to have different products that can tap into different audiences but also never ever be afraid to zero in and to have one specific primary audience with one specific goal.

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