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4 tips to continue your vegan journey beyond Veganuary

4 tips to continue your vegan journey beyond Veganuary

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As Veganuary is almost over, you may be wondering: what’s next for me?

According to a study by plant-based cheese brand, Nurishh, over one-third of British adults plan to switch to a vegan diet in 2022. However, 38% admitted they could not see themselves carrying on after the first two weeks of January.

Don’t worry if you’re looking to try a vegan diet but are worried about making a lifelong change. Whether you want to go flexitarian, vegan or vegetarian, find a few easy hacks to help you enjoy your new lifestyle.

Find accountability

Especially when starting, finding accountability and support from other people in the community can be crucial.

Especially as Veganuary is over, it is time to find your crowd online. Are you an athlete, a busy mum, or maybe a chef embracing a plant-based diet? Find micro-communities that share the same passions to keep you motivated.

Are you struggling to think of how to socialise offline with the people in your life? Get your friends involved, cook dinners together, have brunches. How about inviting your friends over for pancakes for Sunday brunch?

Tammy Southworth, head of innovation at BOL, suggests making a stack of fluffy vegan pancakes and putting out a range of fruits, spreads and fruity coconut yoghurts. “If you have lots of options on the table and let friends and family pick what they want to try, they are much more likely to give things a go.”

How to plan after Veganuary

People often say they find eating out hard, but there are so many fantastic veggie and vegan choices on menus now, and they are often as good as or better than the other options.

Do a little research and develop a hit list of places to try, Tammy suggests.

I have a long list on my notes on my phone. Take the lead and be the one to organise where you will eat with your loved ones. Not only will you try new places, but you will also become known as the person to ask for cool new places to go.

Get adventurous with Vegan swaps

A lot of people think that vegan meals will be boring or repetitive. Not if you know where to look!

The influencer duo behind SO VEGAN, Roxy Pope and Ben Pook share a few simple ways for sustaining a vegan diet beyond the Veganuary hype.

The couple worked on their very own SO VEGAN app, including 350 more fuss-free vegan recipes. Think of adventurous eats such as Creamy Mushroom Filo Pie and classics such as Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Roxy Pope explains: “a massive myth around vegan cooking is that it requires unusual ingredients that you can’t get at the corner shop and takes hours of preparation, but this isn’t the case.”

Rice and beans are inexpensive ingredients that will help stretch your budget. There are so many different options for veggies and beans that you can get creative in dozens of different ways!

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There are so many simple vegan recipes out there.

“Whether you prefer to follow traditional cookbooks or you’re the type to rely on a last-minute Google search for your evening meal, there’s an endless amount of plant-based recipes which are super easy to make.” Roxy continues. “More often than not, they’re easier and quicker to make than meat-based recipes.”

Start with what you love

You’ve been on your plant-based transition for a while now, and things might be getting a little same-ey? Don’t be afraid to adapt your recipes, especially when approaching vegan recipes for the first time.

Roxy highlights how the beauty in vegan cooking allows you to experiment with different ingredients. “For instance, if you’re not keen on mushrooms, try adding courgette or aubergine instead. Don’t be scared to mix it up to suit your taste buds.”

 The beauty of vegan cooking is that it allows you to experiment with different ingredients.

Another tip Roxy mentions is to research vegan recipe websites or Instagram pages that incorporate cuisines and ingredients that you know you enjoy.

Whether or not you’re a staunch supporter of the compassionate lifestyle for ethical reasons or utterly new to the hype and looking for simple swaps, you can see just how effective transforming your diet to a vegan one can be.