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The power of overcoming adversity with Jemima Mukunzi

The power of overcoming adversity with Jemima Mukunzi

Alt Marketing Team

Jemima Mukunzi is an Afro Hair and Lifestyle Content creator and an aspiring influencer coach, based in Sheffield, England.

She is passionate about helping others to grow an engaged audience and price their work appropriately. She is also one of our recent Digital Product accelerator program students so we thought we’d find out about her mission, online and offline.

Over to Jemima Mukunzi…

My mission is to constantly learn, grow and flourish in everything I do whilst helping others do the same.

I have a degree/masters in geology and petroleum geoscience and a professional qualification in HR Management. I love all things afro hair and can talk about it ALL day. I’m also very passionate about the social media industry. I love exploring the creative outlet, the connection with an audience, the strategy, the business aspect. Give me all of it.

I love that I’m able to serve and make a difference on a huge scale with people from all walks of life. I do not take any of it for granted.

The reason I do what I do

I originally started creating content to cope with the sudden loss of my father in 2016. I wanted to share my story, what I was learning while grieving, and connect with people. It was a much-needed distraction from everything I had going on at the time. Fast forward to 2017; I noticed a gap in the natural afro hair community where tightly coiled hair was less showcased and deemed unprofessional unless it was “tamed” or straightened.

I decided to share more about my afro hair and how I was unapologetically navigating the corporate world with hair that looks different while inspiring other women to do the same. Shortly after, I started working with brands and quickly realized how exploitative some of them were regarding paying influencers fairly. One of the reasons they get away with this is because many influencers, especially those starting, do not know the worth of their work.

That’s what inspired the inception of my upcoming coaching program. I want to help budding influencers grow their following and work with brands in a mutually beneficial manner.

Behind the content

I share creative hairstyle ideas on Instagram and YouTube to show the versatility of afro hair to inspire other women to experiment and wear their afros out more with confidence.

On my account, you can find hair care tips for those looking for ways to simplify their hair care routine. I talk about all the natural oils, butter, and Ayurveda herb mixtures. I make them from my kitchen for DIY lovers like myself. In my coaching account, I share tips to help budding influencers. They can attract and work with their favourite brands via my influencer coaching business.

I am currently working on a digital course to help them grow an engaged audience and price their work appropriately.

If you would like to find out more about Jemima Mukunzi, take a look at her YouTube Channel, her Instagram page and find out more about her Influencer Coaching here.

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