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Be your Own Guru with the Energy Coach India Majury

Be your Own Guru with the Energy Coach India Majury

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My name is India Majury, also known as The Energy Coach. I’m a Soul Alignment healer and spiritual mentor. My mission is to inspire people to be themselves. I bring people inwards to help them see that they are their guru. It’s so easy to try and mould into the people we’re surrounded by, forcing us to feel like we should be doing it their way.

I want people to live their true purpose, trust themselves, intuition, trust the universe, and trust in their divine mission here on this earth. When trust is activated, people feel less stuck and flow creatively.

I can help you release past trauma, heal your pain and set your mind, body and soul free. I can do this by using my gifts of dancing between worlds. I can see your true potential and remove what’s getting in your way. It’s magic, you see. I’m your soulful healing guide.

I love starting things, but rubbish at finishing! I always love a new creative idea, but if it doesn’t take a few hours to complete, it will stay unfinished!

Credits: India Majury on Instagram

I trust what feels right on the day. I hate over-planning as it’s way too restrictive for me. So, I do what feels good. I’ll have a specific goal in mind, but I’ll never know what it is that I create until it’s completed. When I feel a creative urge, I act on it! Simple as that!

I want people to feel seen, safe, secure, inspired, and also have fun! I’m able to see and experience things that are generally not spoken about.

I focus a lot on energy and why the collective may be feeling a certain way. We’re all linked; we’re all one. We’re all connected in some way, shape, or form.

Knowing that I can share how the collective energy affects your mindset, goals, or life plans. When you understand energy, it helps release any resistance, therefore allowing you to flow creatively.

Lessons learned along the way

My biggest mistake will have been trying to do things the “normal” way. I followed many business coaches and tried hard to fit into their style of working. It caused a lot of blocks and creative resistance. I enjoy my work so much more now I’ve created my style.

My biggest achievement will have to be realising this. Yes, others can help, support, and guide me, but predominantly I know what’s right for me. You can see a running theme here, right? I live life by my rules, and it’s so empowering! This is why I do my work.

I am grateful for my husband, for trusting my decisions even though he may disagree with them. He’s been my number 1 cheerleader, and it’s been the BIGGEST support for me. I never know why I make decisions. I trust them. My husband is a natural logical thinker, so It must be tough for him to understand. Yet, he’s patient, holds space for me, supports me, and guides me every step of the way

Favourite thing about being a Creative Impact member

There’s so much content to catch up on. All topics throughout the business journey. It doesn’t matter what project you’re tackling, and Fab has you covered. It’s also amazing to have weekly check-in sessions to keep you on track. It’s so easy to fall off and lose sight of where you’re going, so the ‘check-ins’ are super helpful.

Connect with India Majury on her website and Instagram as the Energy Coach. Looking for support from fellow creatives and experts? Find out more about the collective here.

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