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8 book picks for Independent Bookshop Week

8 book picks for Independent Bookshop Week

Fab Giovanetti

Independent Bookshop Week is part of the Books Are My Bag campaign run by the Booksellers Association and seeks to celebrate independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland. 

Each local bookshop will have its way of celebrating, and we encourage you to visit to celebrate with them. To celebrate our brand new partnership with, we picked some of our favourite books from friends of Creative Impact and beyond. We are so excited to be working with as every single purchase supports the independent bookshops we all love. We hope you enjoy our picks for Independent Bookshop Week 2021.

This article contains affiliate links. If you take action after clicking one of those links, we’ll be getting some coffee money at no extra cost to you ☕ – which we promise to drink whilst making the collective even more awesome.

Ruby Rare

Sex Ed: A Belated Guide for Adults

Written by proud sex educator and body positivity advocate Ruby Rare, her brand new book teaches you everything you should have learned at school about sex. She covers everything you may have been too afraid to ask, from the importance of your brain to how to best communicate with your partner.

Michelle Elman

The Joy of Being Selfish

Following on from Michelle’s first wellbeing book called “Am I Ugly?”, “The Joy of Being Selfish” questions our daily habits and subconscious actions that put others before ourselves. With thought-provoking examples, life coach Michelle Elman teaches us how to reclaim our life through boundaries to avoid toxic relations and practical tips to show more self-love. 

Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy: A 33-day guide to manifesting sustainable wealth and abundance in all areas of your life

Learn how to step out of your comfort zone, fearlessly manifest the life of your dreams and find fulfilment and sustainability using Law of Attraction methods. With her fresh, relatable approach, Emma Mumford provides straightforward, no-nonsense advice that has been proven to work in her own life.

Adrienne Herbert

Power Hour: How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love

The first book from our cover star Adrienne Herbert was one of our ultimate favourites of 2020. Power Hour will show you how to harness the first hour of your day to achieve your goals – whether those are writing a book, getting fit or pursuing your passion – before the rest of the world wakes up and starts competing for your attention.

Chloe Brotheridge

Brave New Girl: Seven Steps to Confidence

Renowned clinical hypnotherapist and anxiety expert Chloe Brotheridge has helped hundreds of clients with anxiety and low self-confidence. This book will use her own stories, scientific research, and other women’s experiences to show you how to build confidence.

Selina Flavius

Black Girl Finance

Selina Flavius created Black Girl Finance to address the unique difficulties. Black women face due to the gender and ethnicity pay gaps. Since we literally can’t afford to wait for change, we need to start changing things up for ourselves. Black Girl Finance provides a safe space for a community of unapologetic, ambitious, money-minded women to get honest about their finances, from challenging money mindsets to teaching fundamental skills, such as setting up an emergency fund, budgeting, investing and saving.

Bella Younger

The Accidental Influencer: How My Need to Get Likes Nearly Ruined My Life

Funny, frank and fearless, The Accidental Influencer is a relatable story of the precarious balancing act between our online and offline selves. When Bella Younger spawned Deliciously Stella – her hilarious and daring social media alter ego – she wanted to prove once and for all that Instagram does not equal reality. Within weeks, she’d gone viral. Learn about the truth behind the staged shots and the coveted but ever-elusive blue tick.

Joslyn Thompson

How To Move It: Reset Your Body 

This book is about motivating your body through the power of movement, focusing on you as an individual and not the ideal of fitness we see so often. Before you lift a single kettlebell or hit the yoga mat, Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule will break down the stages to moving your body for the better. Starting with your brain, then your breathing and finally your body, the book is packed with motivational and practical exercises for mobility, strength, conditioning, and recovery.

We hope you will enjoy these recommendations for Independent Bookshop Week and let us know what you are loving, too.