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Spotlight on: Hunter & Gather

Spotlight on: Hunter & Gather

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Optimal Health trailblazer, Hunter & Gather (named ‘Best of British’ at Ocado’s Rising Stars Awards 2021) is fast changing the way people think about what it means to eat and live well.

The real food and supplements brand, whose products are always free from refined sugar, grains, seed oils and poor quality fats, is making waves in the health & wellbeing space and has attracted a growing ‘tribe’ of fans in the process.

We talk to Hunter & Gather’s Forbes 30 Under 30 co-founder Amy Moring, about why she set up the brand, what optimal health means to her, and her top picks for summer.

Why did you set up Hunter & Gather?

“It’s fair to say it’s been a lifelong journey… I was diagnosed with Coeliac at 18 months old so I’ve always understood the link between gut and brain health; if you have issues with your gut, it can impact everything. Back then, there wasn’t even a gluten-free aisle or bold allergen labelling, it definitely wasn’t ‘the norm’ so I learnt to challenge and question from an early age.

My co-founder and life partner, Jeff, suffered as a teenager with eczema, asthma and acne; something wasn’t quite right, and after a running injury in 2012 he embarked on a low carb lifestyle which marked a turning point for his health and happiness – immediately he felt better and wasn’t in pain, which fostered an innate passion and pursuit for optimal health.”

How did you go about launching the brand?

“Right from the start, we were spurred on by a lack of trust in global food companies, who were churning out highly processed foods at questionably low prices…

Back in 2016, I was working for cutting-edge pet food disruptor/B-Corp (Lily’s Kitchen) on a mission to champion ‘proper food’ for pets, whilst Jeff was stuck in a rut in his career as a quantity surveyor. We thought, how can we have the most significant impact on people’s health & wellbeing? We had no platform, but we both had entrepreneurial spirits. I knew about the food industry and routes to market. Jeff understood supply chains. Launching our own food business made sense.

We developed our first product in October 2017, 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise. It’s our ‘Poster Child’ and what most people know us for. Jeff created a website, and I shared it on a Paleo Facebook page. It took off!”

What’s your mission for Hunter & Gather?

“Hunter & Gather has always been about optimal health – giving people the tools to thrive and become better versions of themselves. This is in part through eating better, but it’s also about living well – sleep, sunlight, movement, rest and relaxation.

Community is everything… Right from the start, we understood the importance of taking a ‘tech first’ approach to creating and building our community of loyal fans and followers.

There was (and still is) a huge appetite for optimal health information in the UK, and we wanted to be trailblazers. Our social content is testament to this – from ‘primal play sessions’ to the ‘six-step movement challenge’ it’s very much a holistic approach; giving our ‘tribe’ the tools to thrive.

It really boils down to passion. A belief in what we are doing and a determination to change the way people think about what it means to eat and live well. When you feel well, the world really does feel like a better place!

For us, it’s about balancing profit with purpose. When we launched the business, people asked. ‘How can you sell a jar of mayonnaise for £6?’ Today, our 100% Avocado Oil Mayo family-sized jar sells for almost £15 at Ocado. People are happy to spend more on quality and integrity. We are literally trailblazers for change, and it’s a great feeling.

Hunter & Gather Top Picks

  1. Hunter & Gather 100% Olive Oil Ranch Dressing. Amy says: “This all-natural, creamy lemon dressing is free-from added sugar, grains, seeds oils and preservatives commonly found in branded dressings – perfect for drizzling on summer salads”. £4.49 for a 250ml bottle.
  2. Limited Edition Hunter & Gather 100% Olive Oil Lemon Mayo. Amy says: “Made with Spanish lemons and light olive oil from ancient olive groves, this extra-special, creamy and zesty mayo perfect for dolloping and dunking, with no compromise on health.” £4.99 for a 175g jar.
  3. Hunter & Gather 100% Coconut MCT Oil. Amy says: “Made with 100% Organic Coconuts, this pure and natural MCT Oil is great with coffee, tea or even salads… designed to increase sustained energy, reduce cravings and enhance clarity of mind.” £14.95 for a 500ml bottle.

You can find out more about Hunter & Gather on their website and their social media.

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