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How to Collaborate with Brands as a Beginner Creator

How to Collaborate with Brands as a Beginner Creator


Do you want to collaborate with brands on social media but don’t know where to start? There are very few ways to get brands to sponsor your content on Instagram: you may either grow your account until the moment the number of your followers is sufficient for brands to address you or you may be proactive and reach out to some brands yourself.

Taking the lead will allow you to speed up the process since the number of creators on Instagram is numerous and you might be waiting for a long time if you don’t act. The experts at Hypeauditor are here to reveal a few of their top tips…

Have a look at what brands other creators partner with 

The easy way you may proceed is to find the brands which have already worked with influencers. Such brands will be more likely to consider your proposal. There is a smart way to create a list of such brands to contact.

Try finding relevant brands via other creators whose content is similar to yours, so among those who are in the same niche. You can use the Discovery tool which will help you find these creators and will show you which brands they have worked with or the ones which are relevant to your content.


How to use Discovery and how it may help you with finding brands

Choose your location, number of followers, and type in keywords which describe your content. We also suggest choosing the “Only personal accounts” filter and search for influencers with the average quality score higher than the average (AQS >50). These filters will help you to find creators from the same niche, of the same size in the same city or country as you are.

The next step is to check out the “Brand mentions” section in the report for every creator you are curious to check out. This section shows all the brands this creator mentioned or worked with. Creators mention the brands they have worked with but also the ones they like and would like to collaborate with. Even if the creator has not collaborated with a brand but just mentioned it, it is useful for you to note it down if it is relevant to your profile and later contact it.

Remember that it is okay to start small and do not expect overwhelming proposals to come at once.

Furthermore, do not expect to be paid from the beginning. Just as many other creators, you will need to go through the barter stage. Working with smaller brands will allow you to build a portfolio so that you can work with bigger ones in future. 


Do the research about the brands you have found

It is not enough to know that the brand you have found does partnerships with Instagram creators. Do the proper research to know the values of the company and key messages which it wants to convey to its customers. Do these values align with yours? Remember that authenticity is just as important as the overall consistency of your profile. 

I am sure you will agree that you cannot be doing the promotion of weight loss products and a month later claim to be a body-positive activist.

Always remember which niche you are in and what actually your own brand represents. 

Additionally, it is always good to have a look at what other customers say about the products. Make sure you recommend something of real value which your followers will endorse and not the dubious product which will cause their discontent and provoke reproaches of your being unscrupulous.


Check the relevance of your audience

Learn about the target audience of the company or even of the product lines they have since audiences for them may be completely different. Think whether your followers represent a good fit for them, or in simple words – will they buy this product? 

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The proximity of audience features and interests is the one you need to pay special attention to. There is no point in partnering with a makeup brand for teenage girls if your audience is 75% male with sports as a main common interest. To know precisely what topics your audience is interested in, check out your HypeAuditor report which lists at least 10 interest centres of your followers.


Send them a concise email and suggest some ideas

In your pitch, clearly and briefly outline who you are and that you propose your services as a creator, describe what your content is about and tell about your audience. Explain why you’re a good fit for the brand or for a precise product: show them that you understand what their values are and demonstrate how they are aligned with your content and the values of your followers. 

Moreover, attach your media kit to the email so that the company gets the idea of what type of content you create. If you are the one reaching out, it’s your job to come up with a good idea. Your chances to get a partnership will grow significantly if you do some job in advance. And since brands often rely on creators in terms of content creation, proposing some ideas will be more than appreciated.


Putting it all together!

There are thousands of creators out there and probably there is no topic left which has not been turned into a personal blog on Instagram. But you don’t have to be highly original, you just need to choose your niche, remain consistent and clear in terms what your interests and values are. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to brands and offer your services – they might have been looking for a profile exactly like yours.

And if you’re looking to grow your Instagram authentically, check out this essentials advice from the social media experts at Hypeauditor.