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How to Grow Your Business with Gratitude

How to Grow Your Business with Gratitude


My name is Lily; I’m an award-winning entrepreneur and creator of the global best-seller “The Gratitude List”, the world’s best tool to manifest abundance and create the life you want. My life changed when I decided to cultivate a success and growth mindset every day and turn my dreams into reality. Today, I’m living my dreams and run my own highly profitable company across the globe.

I did it, so can you. You are worthy and capable of achieving your goals.

Before you Google “how to start a business” again, make another pro/con list, or call your BFF to ask if you should take the leap and quit your day job, learn my top 4 strategies guaranteed to (literally) turn dreams into reality:

Increase your odds of success by 42%

Writing down your dream forces you to be clear and specific about what you want. Scientific studies have shown that we are 42% more likely to turn our dream business into reality if we write them down. While this may seem basic, most creative entrepreneurs don’t have their goals written down and certainly don’t look at them every day. Here’s what I do — this is my practice, and it works: whatever my top goals are for the moment, I write each one of each down at least ten times every morning. This is what I did every day when I was creating the now best-seller Gratitude List journal.

I wrote down in my notebook ten times every morning for over a year: “The Gratitude List is an award-winning journal that improves the lives of people around the world.” Exactly a year after its launch, The Gratitude List won an international award, “Best Notebook & Journal”, in addition to having been shipped to customers on all continents! Writing down my goals has truly helped me increase my odds of success and ultimately achieve my dreams. You can do this too!

Follow your fears

Why follow your fear? The answer is simple: it’s leading you to your big life! When I look back on my life, a lot of the things I did to follow my bliss was I followed my fear first. What if we flip the script on the conventional wisdom of “fear” and use what’s often perceived as an obstacle to our distinct advantage: an awesome tool! Scientific research shows that being excited is the same thing as being afraid: physiologically, the chemical release in our bodies is identical!

The only difference between excitement and fear is how your brain interprets it. Every single time you feel afraid, you can feel EXCITED instead. Replace fearful thoughts with this powerful affirmation (say it out loud at least 3 times): “I’m excited to do this.” Fear is a good thing because it’s a sign that you’re onto something exciting. So if you followed your fear, what specific project, idea, or life change is it directing you towards right now?

Elevate who you are

Design the most inspiring schedule for your day and your week with the intention so that you’re optimizing who you are and what you can contribute to this world. Focus on daily progress, not perfection. Personally, what was one of the biggest differences I made and that allowed me to create the results that I’m proud of is designing my day with intention and being clear on what are my top 2-3 goals for the day along with when I’m going to bed and when I’m waking up.

Architect your day around your top business goals and get enough rest, exercise, hydration, and self-care. There is no single opportunity that anyone else can give you that is more important for your success than the small daily actions you have to take every day to service your goals.

Cultivate gratitude to boost your business

Make it your new daily habit to direct your thoughts to empower and kind conversations to yourself. As an entrepreneur, the best habit that helps me develop a positive mindset and increase my productivity is keeping a gratitude journal. Just as I write down my goals every morning, I close each day with this powerful evening ritual: I journal five things I’m grateful for in The Gratitude List journal. This powerful daily practice puts me in a state of mind, ready to receive abundance and inspiration.

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Gratitude is the mindset of a champion: you focus your attention on what is thriving in your life, and you become unstoppable.

You create momentum every day. The Gratitude List elevates who you are and helps you become who you most want to be.
Whether your goal is to start your dream business, transform your body, or create new habits, you can use these 5 scientifically proven strategies to turn your desires into reality –every day of the week.

The Gratitude List® is an award-winning best-seller journal that helps you become mindful and live in a beautiful state. The Gratitude List Instagram page is a hub for positivity with daily motivational quotes tailored for creative entrepreneurs. Join her at @The_Gratitude_List

You can find out more about Lily in the May-June issue of the Digital Magazine, too.