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How to live a life with no rules

How to live a life with no rules


Have you ever just wanted to live a life with no rules? Nothing to hold you back from your true, authentic self? That’s exactly what India Majury, also known as The Energy Coach, seeks to do through her work as a soul alignment healer, psychic, spiritual mentor and speaker. She seeks to help us find our own freedom.

Society’s expectations of us mere mortals are ridiculous and draining.

If you’re anything like me, you would have stuck your middle finger up to these expectations a long time ago. Yet still, I manage to fall into the trap of feeling like I have to perform in a certain way that meets society’s criteria.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to decode and decondition these expectations from my core. I kicked off as a child because I didn’t understand what being a ‘good girl’ meant. I asked, ‘why?’ to every question to find the logic of life. But predominantly, all I’ve ever wanted was freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to be me!

It’s funny looking back on my life and seeing how much I valued freedom, but at the same time, the yearning to fit in seemed to override it all. I thought differently from those around me, and when you’re the only one that thinks the way you do, you start to question your truth. So I sacrificed my freedom by moulding into whoever I was with.

We forget that every human on this planet is different, yet we’re taught that being different is something to fear. We’re taught to be fearful of ourselves.

This message is flowing through the foundations of our society. Fit in, be a good child, study hard, get a job, find a partner, marriage, kids, work until retirement, then enjoy life for ten or so years before your drop.

Shall I press the snooze button, or will you?

As an energy healer, psychic and spiritual mentor, I’ve learned to love my different outlook on life. I’ve learnt that I can see things that others can’t. I can see right through the cracks in the collective to see what needs tender love and care. Predominantly these gaps show me how disconnected we are from ourselves and each other. We ignore our inner voice of wisdom time and time again because that inner voice is what we’re taught to fear.

How often have you ignored that little voice because it doesn’t look good on paper? Yet, you’ve got this inner feeling deep down inside you that tells you it’s not the right choice for you. That voice is your Soul communicating with you, your intuition. When you ignore that voice, you forget who you are and block out your high power. You then shift out of alignment from your truth.

It’s this truth that will break society’s mould and offer you that freedom you yearn for.

It will be nerve-wracking and scary because you’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone. But this is a necessity if you want to live with no rules. That gut feeling is your ticket out of the restricting expectations you’ve been carrying.

Your essence has been brought here by infinite power. Everyone will have a different view, thought or belief around this, and I respect every single one. But predominantly, we’ll all be singing off the same hymn sheet here, just translated in a different way.

The essence you have inside of you is who you are.

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Not the mask you put on to survive. But the wild, unruled, untamed Soul that is desperate to be set free. When you tap into this essence, you allow your Soul to shine so brightly you won’t even begin to understand the profound impact you’ll make in this world.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe there are some pointers we should all live by. However, these pointers are just a beautiful example of the light within us. I like to describe them as your Soul’s voice.

Be kind, compassionate and daring.

Never be afraid of making mistakes, and always hold your hands up when you do. And lastly, stop caring so much about what other people think! They aren’t you. They can’t see what you see. Standing up and being yourself is the hardest thing in life because that means doing things your way. You are living by your own rules! Everything else we can scoop into a tiny ball and throw into the bin.

So there you have it, living life your magnetic way! All it takes is a moment of recognition when you first acknowledge your inner voice. You may want to write it down or say it aloud to move it from a thought into reality. Then you have a choice to listen or to ignore.

I live my life with no rules. It’s challenging at times, and it’ll always keep me on my toes. But that’s the beauty of my infinite power. What’s yours?

You can find out more about India on her website, her Instagram and by listening to her podcast; Spiritual Soaps Podcast.

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