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Takeaway From February 2022 Book Club

Takeaway From February 2022 Book Club

Alt Marketing Team

As you know, we are trendsetters, so we wanted to give our Collective members a way to get the accountability they need to get reading the (growing) list of books on the bookshelves.

The best thing about our book club?

It’s BYOB… so members will bring their own books! We encourage them to read whatever they want AND learn from what other people are reading. At the beginning of each month, the team will share a book they are reading each, and we finish by sharing some of our main takeaways and encouraging members to do the same.

February 2022 takeaways from the team

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? Dr. Julie Smith 

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chosen by community manager Stephanie Dominguez

Why I loved it

This book broke down concepts of therapy and psychology into bite-sized chunks with easy to relatable examples and metaphors.

This is more of a practical type of book that gives you tools and prompts to go away with and dig a little deeper into the problems that you might struggle with, be it anxiety, tackling emotions, depression etc.

My top takeaways

  • Your brain is constantly trying to make sense of what is going on and sometimes it can get skewed by emotions, experiences and thought patterns that have been built over the year.
  • By being introspective and understanding the problem inside out, we can then help ourselves resolve it. From anxiety, building self-confidence, people-pleasing, emotional processing and thought stream, we have the ability with practice to overcome our barriers.
  • This book gives us insight into how to use the power of words, recognise thought patterns, and many other toolkits that prompt us to dig deeper and build awareness around bettering our mental health.

Brand Yourself: A no-nonsense brand toolkit for small businesses, Lucy Werner & Adrien Chatelet

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chosen by Fab Giovanetti

Why I loved it

This book is a practical guide to help you elevate your brand in more than one way. From the bread and butter of your values, mission and vision, all the way to understanding your branding, it gives loads of prompts and practical ideas.

The fact that the book is studded with case studies is great as it allows us to easily apply the lessons to our brand.

My top takeaways

  • Creating your own manifesto can be a great way to combine your vision and mission purpose with your audience mapping with your brand position statement. You can use the “we believe/we will statement “to help you out.
  • My favourite exercise covers how you can harness your personal brand as a magazine to show different sides of your brand.