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A 3-Step Audit for SEO Success

March 5th, 2pm UTC 📆

What if you could give your website SEO a refresh in just one hour? We demystify the SEO audit process, breaking it down into a winning strategy.

Whether you’re aiming to refine your existing strategy or build a solid foundation, you’ll leave this session with a clear, actionable plan for running effective SEO audits.

We’re talking about timeless SEO wisdom, navigating the brave new world without cookies, creating strategies that turn browsers into buyers, and breaking down audits into a simple three-step dance.

This is a webinar-style event in collaboration with Hostinger

Presented by:

Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and marketer of 13 years. She is the CEO of Alt Marketing School, looking to make marketing more impactful, accessible, inclusive and fun. Featured in The Next Web, Business Insider, Forbes among others, she was nominated one of the 50 digital women to watch in 2023 and 2022. She was also recognised among the top 100 Marketers in 2023 by Growth Daily and one of the Top 100 Marketing Influencers Index 2023.

Here's what we'll cover

45 minutes⏰

  • SEO Secrets for the Ages: Discover the timeless tactics that are the hidden gems of your strategy. We’re talking about the kind of enduring wisdom that keeps on giving, no matter how the digital winds shift.
  • Thriving in a Cookieless Era: Understand how to adapt and thrive as privacy norms shift the digital terrain beneath our feet. Because at the heart of SEO there are humans who are just looking for answers to their burning questions.
  • Conversions at the Heart of SEO: Learn how to fine-tune your approach to not just drive traffic but to convert. We’re here to transform your SEO strategy into the star of the show, ensuring every visitor is not just a passerby but a fan for life.

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