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How to go from SMM to Agency Owner

March 7th, 12pm UTC 📆

The natural next step for a booked and busy SMM is to look at growing to an agency. If you’re ready for the next steps to grow your business and become a successful marketing agency owner this is the workshop for you! Stop wondering how to take the next steps with this clear action plan.

Presented by:

Bethan Wright

Bethan Wright is a marketing agency owner of almost 7 years and coach to SMMs and aspiring agency owners. After years of struggling to grow her agency as a struggling side hustler Bethan threw herself into learning and her business boomed! Within one year she went from her first day full-time as an agency owner to managing a team of 5. Now she helps others skip the struggle and build their dream SMM business.

Here's what we'll cover

40 minutes⏰

  • Get new clients every single month WITHOUT doing hours of outreach or using expensive ads
  • Create efficient and time-saving systems so you can focus on what’s important instead of doing admin.
  • Build a team to set up your agency for success
  • The roadblocks you might not know are holding you back

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