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What happens when TikTok and IG want to be real

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TikTok and Instagram go after BeReal with a host of new feature that sound very similar to the new hyped-up app on the block.

Did you catch the pun? No, really? Read it again. Because Instagram and TikTok decided to “get inspired” by yet another platform for a copycat feature (and we have thoughts on the matter)

Introducing Instagram Candid Challenges

Fab and Jess are back and they have a lot to say. Instagram continues its tradition of, uhh, borrowing from Snapchat, TikTok, and now BeReal with Instagram Candid challenges. Lately, Instagram has been under fire for becoming more and more of a TikTok clone.

Even Adam Mosseri has been telling his staff to “step up”. In fact, Instagram is struggling to stand a chance against short-form competitors YouTube and TikTok.

“If you enjoy the platform and you want to show up more, do that. If you need to step back, do that too. Allow yourself to find your own consistency.”

Fab Giovanetti

TikTok goes after BeReal

TikTok does not want to be left behind. In fact, they proceeded to launch its own BeReal spin off with TikTok Now. This new feature allows you to take a photo or video using both the front and back cameras simultaneously. Sounds familiar? The main goal, apparently, is to make possible deeper connection and entertainment in a fun format for the audience.

The team also introduces a bran new segment. Jess and Fab answer questions from the community about common social media mistakes and how to avoid them.

About our co-host Jess Bruno

Jess Bruno is a social media content strategist who supports service-based providers. She creates engaging, purpose-led content that leads to significant conversion results. Her nurturing ‘done with you’ coaching programs cover social media mindset and create a bespoke strategy, using her 10 years of digital marketing experience.

“The only expectation I want my clients to have is we’re gonna give you more clarity with your content. I’m gonna help you have more of an understanding of who you are online.”

Jess Bruno

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