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The secret ingredient of effective sales outreach with Arnaud Belinga

As everyone is talking about cold sales tactics and strategy, how can we pop into other people's DMs seeking relationships over ROI? Understand the power of sales outreach done right with Arnaud Belinga
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From finding key prospects to creating a journey through engagement, sales outreach is much more than “spammy emails”. Or at least, we are here to show you that it can be.  As everyone is talking about cold sales tactics and strategy, how can we pop into other people’s DMs seeking relationships over ROI?

Arnaud Belinga is the co-founder & CEO of Breakcold, a personalise sales outreach software. We’ll discuss why you should personalise your emails according to your prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile. Moreover, we’ll look at how entrepreneurs and marketers can use the concept of cold sales to their advantage.

Sometimes you don’t have to send an email or a dm to connect with someone, you can just engage with them on social media. Your brain for some reason will remember this person because they engage with your content at least once or twice. – Arnaud Belinga

About Arnaud Belinga

After studying for 7 years to become a Tax Lawyer, Arnaud Belinga decided to devote himself full time to what he loves: entrepreneurship – following initial successes on small projects. He documents his journey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

He’s the co-founder & CEO of Breakcold – A personalised sales outreach software.

Consistency is the most important thing whatever you do in life

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