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Are NFT features coming to Instagram?

We are back with monthly social media news with a brand new guest, the fantastic social media strategist Jess Bruno to talk about NFT on Instagram and more
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We are back with monthly social media news with a brand new guest, the fantastic social media strategist Jess Bruno. To start off, we have a lot of strong feelings about Instagram this month. The app is launching an initial test of its new NFT features. Oh, and the full-screen display is starting to drop  in app.

NFT features are coming to Instagram

As Instagram chief Adam Mosseri announced, Instagram is launching an initial test of its new NFT features with selected creators in the US. The process will include integrations for Ethereum and Polygon, with additional support for Flow and Solana coming soon. 

Users will be able to display their NFTs on the main Instagram feed, within Stories or in Direct Messages. Finally, there’ll also be a new NFT tab added to participating accounts,  with a tick in a hexagon for verified NFTs.

Full-screen display feeds are coming

Moreover, as reported by TechCrunch, Instagram has launched an initial test of a new, full-screen variation of its main feed display, which makes Instagram content look a lot more like TikTok, leaning into the latest usage trends.

Not happy, Twitter is currently testing out a new format for its Explore page that looks exactly like TikTok. In fact, it is complete with a ‘For You’ page to highlight the top content matched to you.

“Stay at home parent” on LinkedIn

Some positive news to finish off. Being a parent is one of the most important jobs anyone can ever have. It is an honour and a privilege, and LinkedIn recently added three new job titles to the platform to show how significant the parenting role is.

While the roles will never be the first thing on a resume, they deserve recognition. And, LinkedIn adding these new titles will go a long way to normalising that people can and should be allowed to freely take a career break to focus on being a parent.

About Jess Bruno

Jess Bruno is a social media content strategist who supports service-based providers. She creates engaging, purpose-led content that leads to significant conversion results. Her nurturing ‘done with you’ coaching programs cover social media mindset and create a bespoke strategy, using her 10 years of digital marketing experience.

Instagram: @jessica.sophia.bruno
Website: jessicabruno.co.uk

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