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Lessons from 100 marketing conversations

Lessons from 100 marketing conversations

Fab Giovanetti

Can you believe it? We passed the mark of 100 episodes *throws party poppers*. We ask our friend and Alt Marketing School alumni Steph Dominguez to interview Fab to discuss some of her favourite moments.

We discuss about favourite topic covered, including building in public, Notion tricks and tips and the importance of purpose.

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We look at lessons learned (guess what, everyone can be fun!) and why ROI does not equal value. Finally, Fab shares some of her dream guests – and no this is not a drill. She is putting the call out in the universe.

Episodes mentioned in order

  • EP 089 – How to build in public with Kevon Cheung – click to listen
  • EP 096 – Organise your digital life with Frances from the Notion Bar – click to listen
  • EP050 – How to market like you give a damn – click to listen
  • EP093 – You can tell better stories with Tucker & Jesse – click to listen
  • EP 018 – You shouldn’t use ROI to understand marketing value – click to listen
  • EP041 – Marketers need to learn how to fail with Ren Balogun – click to listen
  • EP015 – Build business momentum with Mark W. Schaefer – click to listen

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