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#003 – How to plan a last-minute holiday campaign

#003 – How to plan a last-minute holiday campaign

Fab Giovanetti
Santa's Treasure and Merry Christmas signage boards
This festive season is going to be hella different for marketers, yet that is not necessarily a bad thing. People are being selective with how they choose to spend their money — and it’s something consumers are looking at more than ever in 2020.
Consumers are finding new ways to support small businesses and shop directly from brands as a way to encourage a more direct connection with companies — this means we’re looking at the holiday season, as marketers, in a very different way.
First of all, we want to highlight the most important things to think about when it comes to a well-thought campaign (including concept, messaging, and assets). However, we’ll be also sharing a few hacks and fun ways you can adapt your products and offerings to make sure they can meet the customers where they are.

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