Emma Parker

I am a video editor with a focus on climate justice. I partner with impactful brands’ marketing & content teams to create the video and motion graphics for their content strategy.


Video Editing, Motion Graphics


Video Editor/Motion Designer for Social & Environmental Brands


Michigan, USA

Describe Alt Marketing School in one word


What’s an underrated tool indispensable for your business?

Sitcoms! I grew up in a big, busy family so I need noise to focus and working from home can get too quiet. Putting a show I’ve seen a million times on in the background gives me enough stimulation to stay in my focus sweet spot. This is especially helpful when I’m working on large animated projects that involve a lot of repetitive work.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

To be patient with the learning curve and rest in being a beginner for a while.

What types of videos do you watch on YouTube?

Depends on my mood. Sometimes other creative professionals (Becki & Chris, Peter McKinnon, Jesse Showalter), woodworking/renovation channels (Tyler & Todd, Jesper Makes, hannahleeduggan), planty people (benjiplant, Nick Alexander), or ridiculous comedians (Chad Chad, Kurtis Conner).

What is one challenge are you glad you experienced?

Deciding to start a business instead of following a more traditional career oath was a big challenge before I started making money. For about the first year or two I was living check-to-check from my clients while paying my bills. It taught me about my resilience and how I can live on a shoe-string budget.

What’s a recent meme or other post that made you laugh?

Midwestern humor always gets me: watch here

What’s your go-to emoji, and what does it mean to you?

🌿 the planty one. I use it in a lot of business communications. Green is my favorite color and it looks like growth and renewal. Also I’m a millennial so I use 😂 more than I should.

What have you learned since taking the certification?

This course has helped me solidify marketing systems as I work with my clients. Video editing often bleeds into social media consultation and I have a lot more confidence as I make recommendations on posting schedules, content, and repurposing.

How did the course support you in making marketing systems better?

The course let me know what was out there. For example, best practices, a roadmap for how to start organically putting my work out there and grow a relationship with my audience. Also, some really cool tools

Describe your ideal job/client/collaboration

I love working with organizations full of passionate people focused on positive impact that put in the extra oomph to take projects from good to great. I like to break big projects into clear weekly goals that can be wrapped up by Friday evening and lend themselves to weekly check-in emails or meetings.

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