3-day marketing sprint


Are you sleeping on your email potential? Is your email list feeling a bit… underwhelming? Fear not, we’ve been there.

Discover why email marketing is not just about growing numbers. it’s about forging genuine connections at scale.

Together, we’ll deep dive into strategies for attracting more subscribers, significantly reducing those pesky unsubscribes, and streamlining your newsletter process to save you precious time.

No more head-scratching over unopened emails or hours spent crafting newsletters.

Our sprint is about making your life easier and your email strategy stronger.

Say hello to a world where your subscribers cannot get enough of having you in their inbox and your list grows healthier by the day. Ready to turn your email game from ‘meh’ into ‘marvellous’ by tapping into proven strategies that will make you an Inbox rockstar.

Transform Your 'Just Okay' Emails into 'Can't-Wait-to-Open' Hits

You’re putting in the hours crafting emails, but they’re just not hitting the mark.

  • Low open rates? We feel your pain. It’s like throwing a party and having no one show up.
  • High unsubscribe rates? Ouch. That’s like baking a cake and watching everyone pass it by. And don’t get us started on the time sink that newsletters can become.

You’re not alone in this. Many small business owners and marketers face these very challenges.

Emails that vanish into spam folders, subscribers who lose interest, and the constant race against the clock to keep content fresh and engaging.

It’s a tough gig, but guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Create The Perfect System so the Right People Get the Right Message at the Right Time

  1. Learn the art of irresistible opt-in offers that turn casual browsers into eager subscribers.

  2. Master the first impression with welcome emails and sequences that make every new subscriber feel like a VIP.

  3. Get savvy with email analytics to understand what works, tweak what doesn’t, and keep your strategy sharp.

  4. Discover how to design newsletters that captivate and convert, keeping your audience hungry for more.

  5. Unlock the secrets to growing a robust and responsive email list that powers your business forward.

  6. Ensure your emails land where they should – in the inbox, not the spam folder, with proven deliverability strategies.

What if you could...

Craft offers that resonate deeply with your audience, boosting your conversion rates and expanding your subscriber base.

Overcome skepticism and build lasting trust with your subscribers, turning them from casual readers into loyal fans.

Master the art of engaging copy for opt-in forms and landing pages, capturing attention in a crowded digital world.

Save valuable time with a streamlined email marketing system, turning your newsletter process from a chore into a charm.

Walk away with a holistic view of your email marketing, understanding every nuance from content creation to analytics.

Learn to segment your audience like a pro, delivering personalised content that speaks directly to their interests and needs.

Unleash a Subscriber-Generating Powerhouse

Actual feedback from past students

Amazing teacher, loved the topic, loved exercising, enjoyed this session very much. So far, all the sessions were very high level! Very professional. thanks for that!
Fantastic session. Great content and opportunities to practice. Fab was really engaging and lots of opportunities for interaction. Love the tools and sheets for us too.
Can't wait to now put in a strategy for emails at work as at the moment it's a bit messy!
Without a doubt the most informative and practical email workshop I have participated in in the last year and a half. I wish all courses were like this!?
Very engaging workshop with practical advices and breakout session Fab has a lot of positive energy.

The journey

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Join the community, which will include an active channel for the duration of the week of the sprint. You'll also gain access to our email marketing lab course, as a companion of our live experience.

Get the results

Jump on a hot seat to get feedback on your amazing work, share your amazing lead magnet and newsletters.

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Join us live for 2x 90-minute workshops to supercharge your email strategy.

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God Bless the Queen

sprint led by:

Fab Giovanetti

At Alt Marketing School, we are big fans of email marketing.

We walk the talk when it comes to emails.

Fab created over 50+ email funnels for clients, has a whopping 10 years of email marketing expertise and 100+ live workshops taught for world-wide colleges.

Not your average training 🪩

Join us for 3x 90-minute interactive training sessions including live practice and a breakout room at the end of each session for peer feedback. Replays for each session will be available.

Check out our full training calendar below.

What past sprinters are saying

Wonderful lesson. Authentic lecturer, clear and pleasant. Not self-centered and giving students a place to express themselves.
Super important topic! Right to the point. So fun to hear from a pro how to do it right and get tips on how do to it in real life.
Made email marketing fun and refreshing to how i was taught in early years, very special session.
Loved this sprint - an area that I'm familiar with but great to have the nuts and bolts laid out!

Walk away with...

A Fully-Fledged Lead Magnet Idea

Transform your lead generation with a compelling lead magnet that turns heads and wins hearts.

Revamped Welcome Sequence

Leave with a welcome email sequence that not only captivates new subscribers but also sets the tone for a lasting relationship.

Perfected Audience Segments

Master the art of segmentation, ensuring each subscriber receives content that feels tailor-made for them.

Strategies to Build Trust

Learn how to build and maintain trust with your audience, turning skepticism into loyalty.

All-Encompassing Metrics Tracker

Walk away with a holistic strategy, covering everything from crafting engaging content to analyzing metrics for continuous improvement.

Your Newsletter Flywheel

Equip yourself with a streamlined, effective newsletter system that keeps your audience engaged and saves you time.

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Say goodbye to overlooked emails and hello to a thriving, engaged subscriber list. It’s time to take control, stand out in the digital crowd, and turn your email strategy into a powerhouse of success.


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Save your seat for our upcoming sprint and wait for the community to open.

As the portal opens, you can join the community and get invites for the events, which will include an active channel for the duration of the week of the sprint. You’ll also gain access to our email marketing lab course, as a companion of our live experience.

You’ll get an invitation to set your profile up, and then get automatic access to your sprint materials. You’ll also be able to add the individual training sessions to your calendar.

The community will be available until the last day of the training. Replays and access to our email marketing lab are available for lifetime access via our community. Even better, you’ll also receive all future updates and enhancements as long as the course exists!

Live sessions last 90 minutes and happen on 2pm UTC, 9am EST or 6am PST.

The event will run on Sessions – you can tune in directly from your browser. Each session ends with an interactive breakout room.

We encourage you put your camera on and interact in the chat or during the Q&A.

To make the most of the experience, we strongly recommend you participate live. We record every session and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience.

We apply the “Do the Work” Money Back Guarantee

Navigating through a sea of training options might leave you with a sprinkle of skepticism and at AMS we completely understand that. At the end of the day, our job is to help you succeed. Hence, we’re offering you a chance to dive deep into the sprint, align with the lessons, apply the strategies and make a decision by the end of the sprint. For more details, click here.

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