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Inspiring a new generation of change-makers with Dr Becky Sage

Inspiring a new generation of change-makers with Dr Becky Sage

Fab Giovanetti

Meet our incredible Creative Impact Collective member Becky. Dr Becky Sage is COO/Co-founder of ExponentialChangemakers.

She has worked in science, technology and entrepreneurship for 15 years. As a CEO of an award-winning start-up, Interactive Scientific from 2016 – 2021, she successfully negotiated an acquisition deal, she remains a shareholder of the company.  Dr Becky Sage now spends her time supporting other purpose-led founders and changemakers, through the ExponentialChangemakers community. Her work also includes co-hosting the podcast: MindStyling for Entrepreneurs. 

She was awarded the Women in Innovation award by the UK’s national innovation funding body, Innovate UK and was named a Maserati 100 innovator by the Sunday Times and a London Digital Changemaker. 

She is an associate of the University of Exeter, Director of Acceleration at Educate Ventures and 3 x British Adult Gymnastics Champion. 

As I build new businesses and work with Changemakers and founders, my mission is to ensure they are happy, healthy and ethical as they make the changes they want to see in the world

Dr Becky Sage is an expert in ethical entrepreneurship, purpose-led careers, and education. To find out more about Becky find her on Instagram, listen to her latest podcast or find out more about the ExponentialChangemakers community.

On starting a new project

My co-founder Janine Matho was the originator. It immediately resonated when she came to me to talk about the challenges young women face leaving education and entering a workplace. 

I know what it is to feel lost and disempowered whilst having a wild ambition to make a huge impact with my work. 

Having already exited one business and built up a wealth of experience, I know that I have skills that can help the next generation of women. 

The co-founding team was a big motivation for me to be part of ExponentialChangemakers. The team makes us unique – a combination of world-class skills and networks and the deep desire to solve the problems that so many women face. 

A skillset for bigger impact

General entrepreneurship skills developed from all the mistakes I made the first time around. I can spot red flags as soon as they are raised! My presenting, speaking and educating skills are also valuable, as are my networks. I’m everyone’s hype woman when I’m speaking or presenting. I’m going to make you feel so confident that you can change the world – because I trust, with the expertise of our team helping you, you can!! 

Trust your gut! Don’t always assume that it is on you if things aren’t working.

Walk away from toxicity but persevere with challenges and learn the difference between the two. 

What I discovered since joining Creative Impact

This collective was where I first realised that I could find incredible business women who shared my values. That is what ultimately allowed me to find my team. I was in transition when I first joined, so it has taken finding an excellent business proposition to really start putting the tools into practice. 

An underrated tool indispensable for the team

Sleep and rest. We’re an international founding team – based in 5 countries, so good scheduling and good broadband are essential.

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If I only have 5 minutes for self-care, I always go back to tapping with Brad Yates. Then cancel most of my meetings because I need a lot more than 5 minutes to myself!

Challenges and lessons for people starting out

Holding on too long in my last business was a big challenge. I definitely wish I had left earlier. However, by persevering, I could see it through to an acquisition deal. I wouldn’t put myself through it again, but I learned a lot, mostly to trust myself, see my own strengths and not put up with toxic behaviour. 

I found myself serendipitously sitting next to our first employee on a plane the other day. It caused me to reflect on how much good stuff there was, even though there were difficult times. I needed space to see my strengths and what a great team we had. We did so much good stuff for science learning, and the sector and our employees have all gone on to do amazing things. 

I’ve also realised that the universe really does have your back – if you focus on creating high vibes and taking inspired action without holding on too tight, the good things start to flow to you. 

I learned there is as much value in the pauses as the busy work. What I mean by that is to plan for time to rest and work on the business, not just in it. Take a step back regularly and determine how you will define and measure success for the next week, month, year, a decade! 

Creative Impact in one word

Disruptive – with a playful edge and a wealth of knowledge. 

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