At Alt Marketing School, we’re serious about our purpose, making marketing better for all.

We continuously challenge ourselves to help level the playing field for marginalised communities in marketing and have developed a marketing scholarship programme to help champion Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for a better experience for future Marketers.


Each cohort will include scholarship places for a number of students from marginalised backgrounds.

Each scholarship student will also access a mentoring sessions to bring new skills into their career.

We’ll be hosting a number of sessions & content to break ground in diversity & inclusion throughout the year.

Research from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute shows that even though the majority of marketers say their company believes in the value of diversity, equity and inclusion, most say their company’s actions don’t align with those stated values nor do they incorporate it into their everyday work and the way they support new career advancement opportunities.

Building a better future for marketers to come

We know that representation within Marketing is far from perfect, with still a small percentage of marketers coming from marginalised backgrounds and even fewer of these progressing into leadership roles.

They face a host of barriers including:

  • Access to education and qualifications
  • Hiring bias and lack of employment opportunities
  • Support and sense of belonging whilst in roles

Interested in supporting our scholarship programme?

We’re working to partner with charities and organisations for future cohorts to provide opportunities to different communities.