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5 journal prompts to start your workday like a boss

Learn why and how journaling helps and use journaling questions to kick start your morning routine with these 5 prompts

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What are the Sunday scaries and how can we fight them off?

The Sunday scaries are feelings of intense anxiety and dread that routinely occur on Sunday, our resident psychologist shares how you can beat them

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How to survive a life storm and trust ourselves again

How to survive a life storm. Learning to trust ourselves again when we are going through a tough period in life

Self-pleasure tips we should all know

Self-pleasure tips we should all know and why it’s a form of self care according to sexpert Ruby Payne

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5 ways to have a better period for mental health

Having a better period can truly change your wellbeing and improve your mental health, and there are a few simple things you can do

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The Miracle Morning routine for successful entrepreneurs

Find out more about the Miracle Morning routine by Hal Elrod and how this can be adapted to suit your entrepreneurial business and life

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This method will help you shake off stress

Can we really shake off stress and tension? Your brain might think it sounds odd, but let your body have the last word. Are you ready to discover your hidden, innate body wisdom?

6 ways to start your workday feeling inspired and motivated

Explore habits as part of your morning routine that can set you up for success start your workday by reducing procrastination and overwhelm

Move more at your desk with these daily exercises

Learn how to move more at your desk to prevent and alleviate aches and pains caused by being stationary all day

Six ways to connect with nature for mental health

Nature has repeatedly been diversely beneficial for mental health, so this year, make it a priority to tune into the abundant gifts that connection with the natural world can bring