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Takeaway from January 2022 Book Club

Takeaway from January 2022 Book Club

Alt Marketing Team

As you know, we are trendsetters, so we wanted to give our Collective members a way to get the accountability they need to get reading the (growing) list of books on the bookshelves.

The best thing about our book club?

It’s BYOB… so members will bring their own books! We encourage them to read whatever they want AND learn from what other people are reading. At the beginning of each month, the team will share a book they are reading each, and we finish by sharing some of our main takeaways, and encouraging members to do the same.

January 2022 takeaways from the team

Rebuild: How to Thrive in the New Kindness Economy, Mary Portas 

chosen by community manager Stephanie Dominguez

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“Kindness Economy asks that we move away from individualist ambition and towards a broader community vision. Community and connections: they are both an engine for your business and a measure of its true meaningful value.”

Why I loved it

It highlighted the recent global shift of how we, as individuals, consumers and business owners, but now more than ever at the forefront of our core values of wellbeing, kindness, and trying to make the planet a better place to live in.

This affects the way we buy, the way we connect to others, and what people want from the businesses they buy from. This was totally in line with my own aspirations for the way I want to build my own business contributing to the health and wellbeing of others and myself by really asking: what do I want to add to the world?

My top takeaways

  • We need to base ourselves on this new core value system of doing good through our business for the people, the planet and profit. Change from a movement of individual one-offs to something much larger. We can re-shape the system itself by the way we do things in our business lives and in our personal lives.
  • Consumers expect more from brands and products. They want to know that their money support values they are aligned with, helps sustain the people behind that business, and does not affect the planet.
  • Community is what supported us in time of need, whether it was local or online. By buying into a product or brand we want to become part of the bigger picture that these values aspire us to do better by.
  • Creative instinct is at the core of innovation, change and bettering ourselves and others. The pandemic has made us all thrive with the creativity to adapt and change without being weighed down by data and set in stone targets or habits due to the unknown nature of the times we have been through. We had to let go and trust our gut instincts, be ok with trial and error and exploration. This is a vital part of any business to have and nurture within the culture we create.

Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, and Build a Successful Business, Pat Flynn

chosen by  Fab Giovanetti

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“You don’t need to change the entire world to build a successful business; you just need to change someone’s world.”

Why I loved it

This book truly encapsulates what community should be about. Imagine a team of superfans who keep coming back, not just with more purchases, but also with more people. It stems from the idea that small actions you do for your audience, community and customers can create a much stronger bond with them. Pat Flynn shares how, if you want to change your audience’s lives, start by changing their day first. That truly stuck with me. Surprise and delight. You want to win, capture people’s attention and show them quickly how you can add value to their lives.

My top takeaways

  • Creating experiences that will move and inspire your audience to act and connect with you. It’s all about teaching, sharing, inspiring your audience to try something new. The process helps your audience understand the value you have to offer, as well as experience it first-hand on themselves. A great example are ice-breaker activities when connecting with new customers, audiences or community members.
  • Get your audience to tell you what they need. Pat shares this method from Ryan Levesque, who wrote the book Ask. By asking people about their biggest challenge related to a specific topic, you can get a better idea of what type of experience and help they are looking for. Never be afraid to dig deeper follow up with them and ask for more.
  • Speak your audience language (on social, your landing page etc). Paying attention to what your customers and audience are saying in these different ways gives you incredibly valuable information about what they need, and how they describe those needs. This is the easiest way for you to connect with them

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