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Turn your love for porridge into a business

Turn your love for porridge into a business


Blondilox began after I had a total burn out which led me to develop an eating disorder.

I always knew I wanted to start a business and ironically my illness was the beginning of this journey for me. I have always had a huge passion for health foods and porridge was a huge part of my personal recovery, so Blondilox was born. is an online store where you can create your own bespoke porridge blend with gluten free oats and different superfoods. I also sell my BlondiBox which is x5 Monday-Friday single serving packs with all the best selling blends, including vegan protein flavours… I’m hoping to well and truly ‘stir up the porridge game!’

There is never a typical day which is what I love.

Yoga, a class or a sauna in the morning is my favourite way to start a day- that really sets me up! Then I might spend the morning doing emails and planning out any meeting or upcoming events. Then the afternoon could be actual meetings or product related things like packing and sending out orders.

My daily responsibilities in my role

All aspects of the business from the branding, marketing and social media (which is my favourite), to organising events and pop-ups, working on partnerships, chatting to bloggers, testing recipes, creating and packing the blend bags to the business-related side of stuff.

The environment in the office

I love to coffee shop hop when I do emails and for meetings- it’s also a great excuse to try new places and find a favourite spot which I’ll then ‘live in’ for the next few weeks until I find a new favourite. I like to change up my environment in which I work in- that’s pretty important for me!

My lunch break looks like…

I love trail mixes, rice cakes, jars of nut butter, hummus, veggie crisps or soups in the winter. Porridge/overnight oats or oat bars made with my blends are always my go-to though, of course, and chocolate is a daily necessity for me, always dark and vegan…send my way, please.

How I unwind after work:

Something I’m definitely working on! I do love yoga, going for a swim and saunas. I love to go to gigs, hit new spots for a drink, travel plan and I am partial to a Netflix series binge.

What’s to prepare for the next day?

It could be things like orders to send out and writing tomorrow’s priorities. There is always something to prepare and more to be done but I’m just trying to enjoy this process and learn that this is part of the journey and not over stress and enjoy it.


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