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How to pitch podcast guests to grow your show

How to pitch podcast guests to grow your show

Alt Marketing Team

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your wider audience. At a certain point in your podcast’s journey, you will want to start focusing on growth. Taking the time to expand your audience can seem like a daunting task when you already spend so much time creating, editing and producing, but finding the right strategy will help you to streamline this process.

Collaborations can be an excellent way to grow your audience. Audry enables podcasters to connect with like-minded creators and jointly grow their shows. Whether you are looking for your next interview guest, promo swap partner or general feedback for your show, the Audry community is ready to help you out.

When looking for guests for your show, think about your “pitch” for your guest before reaching out to them. What do you want from them and what is in it for them? Ask questions such as “What do you expect out of this?” Some podcasters are interested in interview exchanges, if you are not interested in that you should figure it out early.

Audry lets you browse more than 12,000 podcasters based on their content categories, audience size, themes, personalities or types of shows. That way you can assess the likelihood of a good fit before you send the first message. You can save potential matches for later and contact them once you are ready, directly through the platform. We also suggest podcasts to you that we think might be great partners.

Be respectful and honest. Be as transparent as possible when it comes to your audience, timeline and expectations. Check ahead of time whether the expertise of your potential guest matches your expectations. The best relationships are built on trust.

An important question to ask, when it comes to set expectations, is whether “Have you been on a podcast before?” While not absolutely necessary this can have a big impact on your content quality. If your guests don’t own a good mic it will be tough to fix it in post. Thankfully this is an easy fix.
In order to facilitate the best guest experience, Make it all about them. Make sure they feel comfortable on your show, benefit from their presence and draw a lot of value from your interaction. Ask them what they are looking for and what would like to talk about so you can create a more engaging environment.

It can be a great idea to provide social media material for their channels that focuses on them so they are happy to promote the episode across their network.

As a first step, let your guests know when the interview is taking place and how you are going to structure it so your guests can prepare and feel comfortable. After the interview is recorded, be transparent about when the episode is going live and ideally provide your guest with material for social media.

Podcast guests are especially effective when they are also podcasters and they invite you to be on their show as well. That way you can present yourself to their audience in an easy way and leverage the existing relationships between hosts and their audiences to add that extra bit of influencer power.

Adding experts to your podcasts boosts the quality of your content by drawing from their authority and credibility in the space.

3 ways to encourage guest promotion

  1. Provide banners / videos / audio snippets your guests can use for their own audience
  2. Share your episode on your social media with the guest in focus so they are more likely to reshare
  3. Ask them to share! Sometimes asking them for ideas on how to get the word out can lead to interesting new ideas.

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