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How to be your happiest healthiest self with Angela Rochester

How to be your happiest healthiest self with Angela Rochester


Meet Creative Impact collective member Angela Rochester. Angela has been helping busy women become the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves for over 5 years. She has been on her own fitness journey so knows that it can be hard but also a joy.

I want my clients to consider their lifelong fitness, which means educating them so they can sustain their new lifestyle.

My mission is to create happier and healthier individuals. I like to empower people in simple ways so that they can become more confident with the way their bodies move and the grounding that a strong body can give you. I want my clients to find what is right for them in terms of their health and fitness. I want them to find their own fitness philosophy so they can maintain their results.

What inspired you to start your brand?

My business came about by accident. I trained as a personal trainer to earn extra money whilst I was studying. My training was a wonderful experience. I learnt so much and had trained with a great group of people. I really felt that I belonged. This feeling of belonging really encouraged me to make it a full-time career. It’s still not my full-time career! However recently I’ve been grateful that it’s not. A portfolio career has given me a lot of joy.

What’s your competitive advantage? What makes you unique?

My brand strength comes from my strength in building relationships and caring about people. Therefore, my brand puts people first and celebrates the results that my clients get. It is an accessible brand and there are options no matter what your age or abilities.

I really take the time to listen to my clients and really invest myself in the results that they want. However, I always want them to do it in a healthy and realistic way, so I find that any relationship with a client is a collaboration. – Angela Rochester

What skills did you come to the brand with already?

Having a background in psychology and psychotherapy has really helped me to listen to my clients. The sessions/classes are not about me about the enjoyment of my clients and participants. My job is to give them a great experience and I am not wholly there for my enjoyment. Although I really enjoy my work!

I had to add marketing and sales to my toolkit (especially when it comes to social media). My personal trainer training was very good but they never told us how important it would be in our careers. It doesn’t come easily to me so I am continually learning and improving in this area as much as I can.

What’s the most rewarding part of running your own brand?

The most rewarding part is helping people I enjoy working with and seeing their results. I have always wanted a career where I can help others and it is one of the most satisfying careers I have had. Also, being your own boss is not as freeing as everyone thinks but it does come with benefits that make it worth it.

You only have 5 minutes to yourself. What do you do?

I would do a quick yin yoga session. I discovered yin yoga during the lockdown. I find it so relaxing and a good way to switch off. it also helps me to have a good night’s sleep.

What one failure or challenge are you glad you experienced?

My most challenging time (experienced by so many others) has been the covid epidemic. I am not glad it’s an experience that I had to go through, but it taught me a lot about myself.

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I had to stop teaching and seeing my clients so abruptly and honestly there were some tears, but I got over that quite quickly and pivoted online and helping others and giving them consistency really helped me in such a tough time.

I also learned that online training is the way I want to go as it has given me more time. I don’t teach as many classes as I used to, but I am going to review that next year.

What is your favourite thing about being a member of Creative Impact?

I like the reminders from the creative team about events and other items within the community. I may not always have the time to really delve deeply into the site but I do like the reminders that the community is there.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out?

I would advise anyone not to rush and take their time. It really is a journey and what you want from your business will continually change. If you are just starting out; use as many free resources as you can but communities such as Creative Impact will help too. Avoid gurus who charge thousands when you are first starting out.

If you would like to find out more about Angela Rochester, take a look at her website or her Instagram page for inspiration. To find out more about the Creative Impact collective head here.