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4 ways to improve your online presence in 2022

4 ways to improve your online presence in 2022

Fab Giovanetti
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The world of marketing and business is changing. We can feel it. A new generation of professionals is here to rewrite the rulebook and the way you curate your online presence is about to change forever.

Recently, we had the absolute pleasure to host our first Alt Marketing Summit. We welcome some incredible expert teachers who share some great knowledge to help you not just become a better marketer but an overall better human. Our aim with the Summit and our certification is to challenge you to rethink who you show up as online, on social media and within your marketing strategy. Yes, it’s a big mission. However, we were never people who liked to think small.

Below are some of our favourite takeaways from the Alt Marketing summit, which we hope you love and enjoy.

Why it’s time to show the real YOU online

” Ideas are more effectively communicated when you entertainingly say them, in addition to informative” – Jesse Warren

When we develop clear messaging, it’s easier to promote word of mouth growth. And as a result, we have a greater impact on our audience. And this is something that poets, storytellers, and comedians like Tucker Bryant and Jesse Warren know well. They argue that one-liners are valuable to us because they are the only thing your audience will remember.

Indeed, Tucker points out that “some of the most famous thought leaders we know are known by a single phrase”. That instant association and connection will be a pivotal part of how you show up online.

In her session, Preeti Pooja explored the different ways personal brands flourish online and what that will mean for individuals and marketers. She discusses how social media has become this inclusive plethora of different voices and how other people with various abilities and points of view have created and claimed their own space in their way.

“More and more voices are making it about individuality, really honing into their voice and listening to their voices and not feeling any kind of pressure about mingling or blending into the mediocrity.”

Preeti reminds us that people proudly share their stories and talk about their subject matter based on their cultural lens. She brings up the example of Squid Game as a true game-changer in the online world. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk was the first person who challenged the norm of how gory stories and sensitive topics such as mental health are present in mainstream television.

“If you have something that you’re passionate about, and if you have your culture landscape or aesthetic, let that emerge on your on the surface of your social media pages. “

Building communities online will become crucial

“Remember, one connection, one referral, one comment or one post can be enough to land a major opportunity. But you only have one chance to make your first impression.” – Jasna Klemenc Punter

When talking about communities, we have to touch on the importance of the social media communities. LinkedIn is among the ones truly shining in 2022. According to Jasna, a great LinkedIn personal profile has five C’s: consistency, context, credibility and clarity.

It all starts with your LinkedIn profile. As a simple example, she mentions your LinkedIn headline, the one under your name. It’s something people read first before proceeding to other parts of your profile. “We mostly consume LinkedIn on mobile phones. Elements like your photo and your headline look much smaller than you see on the desktop”, adds Jasna. “So you will have to optimise for mobile-first.”

Yet, how do you go and build your community? One common mistake when building communities is thinking that you can just set up a group and wait to grow. Mark Tan is incredibly passionate about communities, and in his workshop, he reminded us of something fundamental.

“You have to understand that you need to build with intention. It must be designed, cultivated and nurtured to grow.”

He suggests looking for ways to build your community in increments. Base this on milestones such as “what to do once you reach five members, 40 members and so on. When you get around 40 members, for example, Mark suggests you start looking for moderated moderators and leaders to help you in executing your events.

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Mark adds that you go through a company or product lifecycle as you build a product find ways to engage our community members. Something that is also a big part of a new way to share your business journey with your audience.

Building in public for your online presence

“When you tell your stories and share your journey, you don’t just want to update people about how you’re doing. You want your audience to participate” – Kevon Cheung.

Finally, do not forget to invest in yourself and cultivate a mindset of growth. Andy Gupta walks us through a new, empowering financial journey through some of the first steps. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there. People need to learn how to invest in building long term wealth”.

After all, “money is a flow of energy”. The choices we make and how we invest in ourselves and our well-being are pivotal parts of our personal and professional lives. Take luxury items, for example. Andy asks a simple question to reframe how we invest by putting this very simply. “Why are you spending on luxury buys? Is it for external validation, or is it truly for joy?”

Our expert Kevon Cheung challenges you to rethink how you look at how you share your professional journey online. He introduces building in public as an ‘open kitchen‘. “it is a lot about you confidently telling your stories in the open.”

Kevin uses his example of how people started following and connecting with him by sharing your stories, the ups and downs, and decisions. These people will pay attention to you as, through time, you have built up trust. “What did I struggle with today or what did I learn? What did I do that is worth celebrating?”

When you ask yourself these questions, you reflect, and you’re coming up with learnings you can then use to craft content that resonates with your audience. How are you going to show up online in 2022? What will you do to uplevel our online experience in your community and invest in your personal growth?

If you’d like to access the replays for our sessions, there is still time to catch up and watch the full workshops. If you are looking to level up your marketing knowledge, don’t forget to check out our nexy cohrot of the Alt Marketing School certification.