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Reconnecting with our hearts with Alex Holmes

Reconnecting with our hearts with Alex Holmes

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Alex Holmes is an award-winning mental health writer and podcast host, existential mental health coach, mental health first-aider, and student/trainee psychotherapist.

His book discusses living in a super-connected world, where men specifically struggle to connect and share.

This is changing…but not quickly enough.

Award-winning writer and podcaster Alex Holmes set out to accelerate this shift, debunking lingering myths around masculinity, love, and connection by exploring what causes this sense of loneliness.

Over to Alex…

My name is Alex Holmes, and I am a writer, podcaster, and existential mental health coach. I am a trainee psychotherapist and am passionate about helping people develop the power to make their own decisions and navigate anxiety and depression to have a healthy and fulfilled life.

I ended up here after I had a series of emotional and mental breakdowns while I was working as a journalist, and realised that I needed to do something to help people who were going through the same things but don’t have the space to talk about what is going on.

My mission is to help people connect to their inner worlds and their deepest and truest selves. I am passionate about people learning how to show up for themselves for the purpose of finding a sense of love, belonging, and connection.

“We are losing our minds because we have disconnected from our hearts.”

This means that we are so concerned about our thoughts, that we don’t know exactly what’s happening with our emotional lives. We are so consumed with anxiety, and comparison that we don’t even know what is true for us. What makes us…human.

Three daily practices he swears by

These are the three essential daily practices.

  • Gratitude lists (download the 5minute journal app) write what you are grateful for each morning and review it each evening. It changes the day.
  • Journalling. Having a journal to articulate your thoughts and feelings are important
  • Daily walks, as they are great for the body and the mind.
Alex Holmes Time to Talk

About Time To Talk

The book came about after my third breakdown. I was given the opportunity to write about what it means to be a man, and then the book became a love-letter to all the men who could have loved had they been given the chance to express who they were feeling as boys. It’s a manifesto for compassion. It was a deep, emotional journey writing. It was hard. It was one of the most exploratory things I had ever experienced, but it was so necessary.

Three key take-homes from the book

These are the three tenets of the book, and what my deep core values are. Love, belonging and connection, and that we all have a right to these things in order for us to live whole and fulfilled lives.

  • we are all deserving of love
  • we all have a right to belong
  • connection is what we are all searching for

About Time To Talk Podcast

My most powerful conversation was with actor David Harewood about his psychosis and how he overcame that as a Black man in the early 00s. Also, speaking to Roman Kryznaric about what it means to be a Good Ancestor. That was important. They all are important conversations, so this was a tough choice!

You can stay up to date with Alex Holmes on his website, Instagram and tune into the Time To Talk Podcast, too.

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