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Helping students tune in to their unique gifts with the Academy Healing Nutrition

Helping students tune in to their unique gifts with the Academy Healing Nutrition

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My name is Patricia Lopez, and I am the co-founder of the Academy Healing Nutrition UK HQ.

We are a global online holistic health coaching school that has taught hundreds of students the power of ancient wisdom, longevity science, and eastern philosophies such as TCM & Ayurveda. As a holistic school, we inspire the connection of mind, body, and spirit. We focus on the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Our mission is to teach students how to use food as medicine to naturally find true healing in themselves and others.

In doing so, we help students tune in to their unique gifts and support them in achieving their life’s purpose. I was fortunate enough to be a student of the Academy of Healing Nutrition in NYC in 2015 when I was suffering from different chronic health problems.

The origin of the Academy Healing Nutrition

After years of seeing many doctors with little improvement to my condition, I was eager to try a holistic route. What I learned at the Academy of Healing Nutrition (AHN) helped me completely transform my health and life. I found a deep passion for the power of food as medicine and knew that it would be my life’s purpose to help others experience the healing that I did.

After graduating from AHN, I moved to London and re-connected with Roger Green (the founder of AHN NYC). We spoke about the idea of opening AHN in London, and I instantly knew it would be a great success.

When I moved to London, I looked at different holistic health education providers. I saw how unique what AHN offered was in comparison. From the marriage of teaching Eastern & Western philosophies to the practical and holistic approach to the incredibly knowledgeable faculty. AHN had something unique to offer. I couldn’t wait for more people to experience the life-changing curriculum.

Lessons from perfectionism

I had always aimed for perfection in all I did throughout my life. The launch of AHN in London was anything but perfect. We were due to kick off our first cohort in March 2018, and by February, our website or CRM platform was still not finalised or functional due to several external factors.

Part of me wanted to postpone the training until we had everything in place, but we had no wiggle room because of the availability of faculty. Despite having a background in digital marketing, I had to resort to “old-school” promotional tactics such as flyers and in-person events.

Looking back, I am so glad we launched at the time we did anyway and found alternative ways to reach prospective students – it is always better to start rather than wait for everything to be perfectly in place because you never know when that will be.

Need some support? Get a coach. I have had several amazing mentors and coaches who have supported and guided me in what can be a very challenging (yet so rewarding) process.

Trust yourself more

A lot of the advice around launching a business is finding a “white space.” I often see entrepreneurs strategise and think about business ideas based on this approach, but starting a business is much more than just a strategy.

I genuinely believe that everyone has a unique gift to offer that the world needs.

It is in uncovering this that the best business ideas are born. Start with trusting your instinct and begging to discover what passions and gifts you have to offer. Ask yourself, “what is mine to do?” See how that can be of service to others. Then, there is the element of “magic” where you start to tune in deeply to your inner knowing, listen to life, and take steps that lead you to the right path.

To me, it is in this perfect, heart-led co-creation with self and something bigger that businesses (especially those impacting the lives of others positively) thrive, not just on strategic thinking.

The importance of inner work

Remember to do the inner work. You can learn a lot of the “business” side of starting a company. However, success requires more than that. So often, we are the ones who get in our way. Things like our fears, limiting beliefs, past struggles. Awareness of that and clearing this enables you to build a business from an empowered and loving place. 

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Daring Greatly by Brene Brown supported me on my journey of opening AHN’s London branch. I had a bachelor in business and years of business experience working as an advertising executive, so I felt I needed the background to get the company off the ground.

Still, I had no idea how emotionally challenging opening your own business is. Brene’s reference to “being in the arena” helped me remember that although it is not easy to follow your heart and pursue your dream, it is always worth it.

Remember “no” means “next opportunity”

It is important to celebrate every milestone no matter how minor it may seem. You can get caught up in the doing that you lose track of how far you have come. You may get discouraged if things don’t go to plan, but there is always a reason and a different door open. 

Over the past 2 years, so much has changed. My commitment continues to be to share our school’s wisdom with as many people as possible. We have several projects are supporting us in doing so that I am very excited about. Last year I led the merger of our NYC and London schools to create one global online holistic health school. It has been enabling us to reach anyone in the world with a passion for natural healing.

We are also expanding our offering to include courses beyond our leading one-year holistic health coach training. Offerings like shorter courses, advanced classes, and retreats – plus so much more.

Looking for help building your brand online? Check out the Creative Impact Collective and get a business coach right in your pocket.