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What’s in the works?

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12-week certification to help marketers harness the power of thoughtful marketing and

01 // what makes us different


A certification challenging students to look at marketing differently. It’s about building a marketing strategy rooted in purpose. You’ll learn from expert instructors how to be a confident growth marketer. Build comprehensive digital marketing strategies and bring a new outlook to your campaigns encouraging an inclusive, open message. You will have the power to make an impact in the marketing world and stand out from the crowd.

02 // our mission

Why us, why now?

The old way of marketing is not working anymore. We are looking to change the way marketers share their knowledge with the brands and clients they touch. We want to support marketers in the growth of their soft skills and leadership as an asset. We encourage a new way to market to our audience, based on making a positive impact through the content and messaging.

03 // How it works

marketing journey

We want you to learn how to market to human, not bots. This is also the reason why our certification is taught live by incredible teachers and experts from different walks of life.

Be the change

Our curriculum focuses on practice as well as strategy. You’ll be working on group projects and exercises to consolidate your learnings and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

The beginners' journey

Start your journey with a 3-hour workshop exploring the way marketing can make a positive impact and incorporate a powerful message for the masses.

Take the plunge

Our 12-week certification is aiming to explore new ways to market with purpose and impact, use your mind and your heart to drive a much-needed change in the industry.

Get down to business

You’ll be working on group projects and exercises as a way to consolidate your learnings and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

04 // what we stand by


Value 1

Strategy and frameworks

We are here to challenge our students to think outside the box. Our modules are taught live to provide the latest recommendations on tools and systems that work.

Value 2

Mindset as a superpower

What's missing in today's education system is a tangible way to support people in their personal growth, as much as their professional development. We combine soft skills, leadership and storytelling with marketing frameworks and systems.

Value 3

Thoughtful marketing principles

We believe in marketing for change. In opening up honest conversations by making a positive impact on the world. In order to do this, we showcase only case studies and brands who are championship a thoughtful marketing approach.

Value 4

Confidence that drives results

Growth is what keeps us alive, upskilling gives you the edge to dig deeper. We want to provide students with a unique toolkit that can help them advance their career, stand out from the crowd, deliver results to clients and to brands you are working with.

Value 5

Students become teachers

You'll advise and get advice from peers and bring your ideas to the table. From peer practice to presentations, you'll put your learnings into practice by bringing your own projects to life and share them with the world.

A match made in heaven

We combine unique frameworks and strategies to harness growth marketing.

05 // Next steps

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