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4 Healthy Habits to Boost your Wellbeing and Stay Positive

4 Healthy Habits to Boost your Wellbeing and Stay Positive


During these uncertain times we live in, we want to share some tips to help you refresh & revitalise at work – even when WFH!
Spring is here so it’s time to take a fresh look at your habits and develop a positive mindset. Are they healing or hindering how you feel and work? If you feel well, you work well. Here are 4 tips from Innerfit founder Chris Pinner to help YOU entrepreneurs in the wellness industry.

Bright spots, the way forward?

Have you ever noticed how humans have an amazing ability to focus on the negative? From early years we are trained not to be boastful, we are told we must learn from our mistakes. But what about our achievements and successes? Aren’t we missing a trick here by not focusing on them and learning about what went well, and why?

Focusing on failures gives us two options:

● Put our energies into future improvement
● Beat ourselves up about what we got wrong

Think of the potential of focusing on our achievements.

Now more than ever we need to be kind to ourselves. Arguably, the things we get right are more worthy of our attention, and a goldmine of potential for improvement.

Looking for and noticing positives may take practice. It’s often a case of rewiring our brain to look for the bright spots, study them, and replicate what went well. It does more than just make us feel good, it protects us from stress, as evidenced in this Nature research article.

4 Phases to a Positive Mindset

If it’s not natural to focus on the good in yourself, start by focusing on the bright spots in others, it’s often easier. You are training your brain, the impact is like ever-increasing ripples in a pond.
Here are some tips to get you started:

● TIP 1 Find Your Bright Spots

Watch Chris Explain Here in this 2-minute video.
In times of change, it is too easy to slip into problem-solving mode. Let’s lift ourselves out of that, and focus on the bright spots.

Post-it notes can be a great resource for this. Find a prominent place for everyone to post notes saying something good about themselves or someone else. If you are all working remotely there are plenty of Apps that make this possible, Chrome’s Note Board is one example.

● TIP 2 Focus on something you have done well and analyse it

Why did it go well? What steps/actions could be transposed to other areas, or adapted for use elsewhere?

● TIP 3- Learn from what has worked well in the past

Clone and scale up the things that went well, the successes, achievements, the bright spots.

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● TIP 4- Reward achievement.

Encourage employees to nominate themselves or others, it encourages positive focus, motivates and inspires. A reward doesn’t have to be financial, it can be recognition/validation. There is plenty of evidence to show employees who feel valued will be more engaged and productive and less likely to leave.

What could you do now? Look at the tips above, what can you apply to your daily work life?

Times are uncertain, and people feel unsettled, we could all do with a boost. What could be rolled out to help colleagues focus on the bright spots?

Would you like some accountability or support? Email Chris at and check out the current special offers and WFH webinars hosted by Innerfit.


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